Buy Local

Locally Grown Produce is Fresh, Delicious and Nutritious

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When we buy local, our money stays at home where it works to build a stronger, more economically vital community.   And that’s why Show Me Oz has chosen to focus its attention on the most important aspect of a sustainable community – local food production.

For some people the idea of buying local is charming or quaint, but in reality family farms have always been the lifeblood of the Ozarks region.  At one time the Ozarks was well-known for its dairy farms and small hog producers.   Now a days, these types of family farms have almost been wiped out by the bigger-is-best corporate-food mentality of the 21st century and along with it, our regional sense of pride and independence.   That’s why we want to encourage people to purchase as much food as possible directly from the producers themselves.  The best way to do this is to buy your food from farmer’s markets, co-ops and community supported agriculture (CSA) programs and from those retail grocery stores that regularly stock locally produced food.

Show Me Oz  is committed to building stronger community through the principles of peace, justice and sustainability.  That’s why we will continue our conversation about locally produced food, as well as other topics surrounding local economy and self-sufficiency through our monthly feature posts, supporting articles, and partner websites and blogs.  We welcome your input and participation in this discussion.

Check out our lists of regional Farmers’ Markets, and if you are a local producer, or know of one, give us a shout using the form below.