Joplin, Missouri

2008-5 (13)I tried to write an article for todays posting, but I just could not focus on anything but the news coverage of the terrible tragedy unfolding  in Joplin, Missouri, after a massive tornado ripped through the center of town last night in a destructive force that leveled a huge swath through the center of town.

We send our prayers out to all those who have lost loved ones or who have been injured or lost their homes in this terrible event and to all those who are still missing or trapped beneath the rubble awaiting rescue.  And thanks and prayers for the safety of the brave men and women who rushed to the scene to help. 

For every dark cloud there is a ray of light.

Bless you all.

4 responses to “Joplin, Missouri

  1. I was thinking of you this morning as I walked through the forest noticing again that strange darkening that comes before more rain and the feeling of pressure on the body. I felt grateful that the destructive storm I witnessed here came through during the day, 11 am – I can only imagine the added terror of a night time event. Yes, sending prayers for all those in the midst of this.

    • I was thinking of you, as well. Hoping that the storms had lost their stregnth before reaching you. I watched the live radar until the storm had passed. Yet, even here in South Dakota, far from our Ozarks home, a neighbor is searching desperately for his brother and his sister in Joplin. They were in the path of destruction…. The images are terrifying – something all Ozarkers uniquely understand and dread.

  2. HI Jill,
    I know you must’ve been devastated as you heard the news. Have some dear friends that live in Joplin but saw their post on Facebook that they are OK…they were only about 5 blocks from all the devastation. Several of my friends had family and some were badly hurt. My ehart just aches for all these people…wake up call…it could’ve been West Plains, HOwell County or Oregon. Today the sirens went off and tornado warnings everywhere. I am still in West Plains…tried calling Skip all day no answer. Love you Jill and your compassion ….

    • Thanks, Mary – it is devastating. Glad your friends are ok, we’re keeping everyone in our prayers. Our neighbors found two of their family members, but others are still missing. Their homes and businesses are all gone. It is heartbreaking. I’ve been glued to the weather channel – watching for bad weather around those we love. Sounds like tonight will be another bad one. Please, everyone, have an escape plan and watch out for low water crossings!

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