2013 Fall Go Green Festival Set for October 12th-13th

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The Fall 2013 Go Green Self Reliance Festival will be held October 12th and 13th in Thayer City Park.  Hours are from 9 am to 6 pm both days.  Admission is free, vendors are free and all are encouraged to attend.

This will be the 6th Go Green Self Reliance Festival, which has grown steadily, averaging 3,000 in attendance at the last two festivals.  The festival encourages innovation for startup business, supports organic food production, supports local farmers and land owners, and especially encourages people to buy, sell and trade with their neighbors to get the economy of the Ozarks region moving and help people in the Ozarks thrive.

All area businesses, churches and other organizations are welcome to attend as vendors.

The October 2012 festival saw almost 150 vendors selling items ranging from fresh produce to hand-made items, well pumping devices, solar power systems, essential oils, heirloom seeds, jams and jellies, books and other items.

Local authors are encouraged to sell autographed copies of their books. Live music is provided all day both Saturday and Sunday, featuring local bluegrass, country and gospel performers.

Children’s activities include the popular Money-in-a-Hay-Bale, which allows children to tear apart bales of hay loaded with $50 in coins and keep what they find!

Celebrity gardener and survival food expert Marjory Wildcraft will be speaking on Saturday.  Wildcraft’s website growyourowngroceries.com and her Youtube series are popular worldwide.  She was featured on last season’s National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers television show.

Those who wish to participate as speakers, entertainers or vendors are asked to call 417-264-2435.


5 responses to “2013 Fall Go Green Festival Set for October 12th-13th

  1. Are you speaking there, Jill?

  2. Someone told me the festival was cancelled….is this true?

    • Hi Patrick, it is true. The fall Go Green has been cancelled. I only found out a couple of days ago and will be posting the cancellation notice on the blog in the morning. Check back there for a detailed message from the organizers and thanks for asking. Jill

      • Go Green Festival Cancelled: A message from Mike Slack, organizer:

        The Fall Go Green Self Reliance Festival has been cancelled for several reasons. First there is a 50% chance of rain that weekend. After the Alton Walnut Festival was hit with rain we were fearful of both the festival getting drenched and lower attendance for that reason.

        Also several of our major attractions were not able to make it. The wood gas pickup truck, the carnival, the solar electric race car, Ozarks Medical Center and many of our favorite vendors. This is primarily due to lack of notice. These folks just need to schedule as far in advance as possible. As many of you know, my wife Debbie passed away the last part of August. For this reason my mind was not 100% on the festival and I wasn’t able to connect with some of these people and give them the advance notice they need.

        Also, though we tried very hard to make sure that Go Green would not conflict with any other events in the area, which is difficult to do in the fall when so many small towns have festivals, several other organizations scheduled events after we had set our date, among them a fish fry and a gun show. So with a chance of rain, fewer vendors and lower attendance it seems logical to concentrate on the Spring. I’m calling everyone who signed up and having them mark the 3rd weekend of April, which the Saddle Club has indicated will be free and the major attractions mentioned above have said they are good with that date.

        The last several Go Green Festivals have been large events for our area with up to 3,000 in attendance and up to 150 vendors. We want to continue that tradition of growth and believe the Spring, with the beginning of gardening season and fewer activities in the area will be best. If you wish to get on the list for the 3rd weekend of April please call me at 417 264 2435.

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