The Sacred Circle of Water

Sacred Circle of Water by Jill Henderson (2)When we moved into our new place a couple years ago, my husband and I found two weathered and stained cow skulls that had been hidden in the tall weeds of the side yard.  Not knowing exactly where they fit into our landscape, they were repeatedly moved around the perimeter of the house until finally they wound up on a shelf in the workshop where they sat for the better part of two years.  I had been saying all along that I wanted to paint them, but just never seemed to get around to it.

So it was that once the summer garden was well in hand and there were no other pressing matters to distract me, Dean suggested it would be a good time to begin the cow skull project.  I agreed.

Sacred Circle of Water by Jill Henderson (1)When I began preparing the skulls for painting, we had gone five weeks without any measurable rainfall and the garden and our nerves were stretched thin.

So it just seemed natural that once I sat down with the first blank skull in front of me, it was water that came gushing forth from the brush.

I began the painting with the Native American symbol for the circle of life, which represents the origins of all things.  The four colored quadrants represent the four directions and the four elements from which all life springs.

From the sacred hoop, the Creator pours water down upon the earth.  First from the clouds in the form of rain and into the icy mountain streams and abundant rivers – all flowing steadily into the ocean and finally diving deep into the heart of the earth before beginning its journey once again in the endless circle of life.  To guide the water’s journey through the circle, two spirit Rain Crows fly headfirst into the sky, where their colorful feathers rest in the heart of the Sacred Circle.

The day I started this painting it began to rain – and it has been raining ever since.

This artwork is entitled, The Sacred Circle of Water.  
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6 responses to “The Sacred Circle of Water

  1. Beautiful Jill…………you outdid yourself. Jerre

  2. Jill, hold back a tad on any future rain dances!
    The skull is beautiful….

  3. Thank you, Diana! I’m definitely going to be a little more careful about how powerfully I envision my subject! 14″ of rain and counting here…

  4. I’m glad you shared your thoughts in creating this this beautiful work of art.
    You sent the rain our way!

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