Notes From Turtle Ridge: A Year in Review

2013 12-5 Winter Storm (19)I can hardly believe that in just a few more days, the old year will end and the new year will begin.  The time has flown by so fast, I can hardly believe it’s here already.  So to stick with the theme of celebrations, I thought I’d take a quick look back at a few highlights of the year 2013 here in Oz.  I hope you’ll join me.

2013 1-16 Cherokee Pony PeasWinter is the best time to take inventory of our seed stock and to sow the seeds of perennials, natives, and cold-hardy veggies in outdoor mini-greenhouses. Check out   Winter Sowing: Get a Jump on Spring to find out how we do it.2013 2-17 Winter Garden (1)

2013 3-3 Spring Seed Swap (13)March began with a community seed and plant swap and ended in an sudden spring snow.  If you’d like to start your own seed swap, check out  Share the Seed: How a Seed Swap Works.2013 3-22 Spring Snow (17)




2013 5-12 The Herb Garden (1)By the time May rolled around, the gardens were in full swing!  Many of the seeds we sow are saved from our own garden.  If you would like to save your own seeds, you might like an early 2013 post entitled, Saving Seed Begins in Spring!2013 6-16 Early Summer Garden (6)




2013 5-19 North Fork Float (27)  Dripping SeepThe warmth of early summer beckoned us to the river where we kayaked, explored, and hung out with friends and butterflies on gravel bars.  If you come here often, you know how much I like butterflies. If you like them, too, check out  Flying Flowers: The Beauty of Butterflies.

2013 5-19 North Fork Float (21)  Butterfly Lick





2013 6-17 Braiding Garlic (1)The big harvests came in June and included curing and braiding garlic and drying another year’s worth of herbs and spices for the kitchen and medicine cabinet.  IMG_1475





2013 6-16 Early Summer Garden (1) Black swallowtail butterfly larvaBy July, the swallowtails become the most beautiful flowers in the garden.  If you would like swallowtails in your garden, check out my post on Black Swallowtail Butterfly Larva.2013 7-7 Female Black Swallowtail (1)





2013 11-22 Another Fairy Pool (2)Fall was a mild and sunny one that allowed us plenty of time to enjoy nature’s beauty and to celebrate the holidays with the bounty of farm, field and forest.  My favorite recipe of the year had to include the one for egg custard pie in the post, The Pies Have It!.2013 11-27  Egg Custard Pie (1)






2013 12-5 Winter Storm (19)This year seemed to end on the same note that it began – with a blanket of winter snow and a shimmering solstice moon on the rise.

2013 12-18 Solstice Moon Rising (5)





2013 was a fantastic year filled with nature’s beauty, the bounty of the earth, and the blessings of wonderful friends and family.  Dean and I hope that you, too, have had an awe-inspiring year and thank every one of you for your support and inspiration!

Best wishes for another happy new year! 


4 responses to “Notes From Turtle Ridge: A Year in Review

  1. photos are beautiful!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Enjoyed your photos! Happy New Year to you and Dean. Blessings to you both!

  3. Thank you, Mary! I hope that you and Skip had a great holiday, too! Hope to see you soon! xoxoxo

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