2014 Annual Missouri Organic Association Conference to be Held in Springfield MO

The Missouri Organic Association will be hosting the 2014 Annual Conference from Feb 6-8, 2014 at the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield MO. This conference will provide the best education needed to impart successful farming procedures – whether your focus is on grain and row crop production, livestock production, horticultural production of vegetables, fruits & berries; on sustainable production and living techniques, or perhaps looking to add skills in tractor mechanics or Welding 101 to reduce maintenance costs. Maybe you need some tips on successful marketing with training provided by some of the nation’s experts on marketing; or perhaps you are looking for new ideas for adding value to hands-on workshops.

If you or someone you know is interested in sustainable organic agriculture on any level, I strongly urge you to attend this year’s MOA Conference!  I am honored to be apart of the conference this year and will give a seed saving workshop (Thursday) and a presentation on blitzing the media (Friday).  I will have a table set up all three days, so be sure to stop by and say “hello”!   See you there!  Jill

For the first time, MOA will be hosting a 3-day Advanced Year-Round Vegetable Production Workshop with such nationally known experts as Greg Garbos & Mike Bollinger, Four Seasons Tools; Adam Montri, Michigan State University; Edwin Marty, Eat South; Joel Dufour, Earth Tools; Ben Flanner, Brooklyn Grange Farms, & Michael Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick Family Farms. Learn their tried and true methods for year round vegetable production.

Grain farmers will increase their knowledge on soil fertility, cover crops and crop rotation systems with international experts Gary Zimmer and Joel Gruver. Friday & Saturday will be focused on Alternative Crops with brokers coming to present their contracts for the upcoming year. Come network with the brokers and plan your crops and talk grain contracts for the upcoming year.

MOA will offer a Livestock Track this year with Thursday focused on organic dairy production with such international names as Dr. Hugh Karreman teaching organic holistic health treatments, Dan Giacomini presenting on nutrition and grain rations, Dr. Francis Thicke sharing his knowledge of rotational grazing systems, and Perry Clutts sharing the farmer’s perspective.

Friday is particularly exciting with Dr. Fred Provenza coming from Utah to teach his internationally acclaimed methods for training cows, sheep and goats to eat weeds. Saturday is a hands-on workshop for goats and sheep farmers – with such topics as Genetic Selections, AMACHA, Body Conditioning Scoring, Foot Trimming, and Vaccinations followed by a Farmer Panel discussing ways to market goat and sheep products to the consumers.

Sustainable production methods will have its own 3-day track with such diverse subjects as Hugelkulture, Small Scale Aquaponics, Saving Heirloom Seeds, Native Plants and Essences for Health, Permaculture, Straw Bale Gardening, Grape Vine Propagation, and Food Forests.

Perhaps you are an informed consumer who is looking to become more informed about how the food you eat impacts your community’s economic viability and the correlation between the food you consume and the resulting health (or not health) of your body. If so, you won’t want to miss Dr. Don M Huber’s full-day Thursday workshop as he shares his many years of research on the correlation between GMOs and Glysophates and plant, livestock and human health.

Follow that with Friday’s all day Food Policy workshop which will teach the correlation of the food we consume to the health of the body and how to be effective advocates for networking local communities with local food sources. This workshop will feature Mark Winne, a 40-year activist for local food systems and author of “Closing the Food Gap: Resetting the Table in the Land of Plenty.”

During the days, if your mind is on overload and you need to take a break, there will be consecutively scheduled movie showings of such timely documentaries as: “The Vanishing Bees”; “The Genetic Roulette” with Jeffery Smith; “Living Downstream” by Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D; “What’s Organic About Organic?;”and “The Idiot Cycle.”

End each day with the special events – Thursday Night is Meet the Farmer Reception and Ask the Experts night; Friday Night is a Wine Tasting and Book Signing with several well-known authors, followed by our annual Benefit Dinner and Auction – Always a load of fun while helping to support the conference expenses. All the special events and meals are included in the price of the conference registration.

To see a comprehensive schedule of speakers, workshops and events for all three days, scroll down~!

After Dec, 15, 2013

  • Three-Day Registration – $195
  • Single Day Registration – $75
  • Children under 12 – Registration free, except for meal costs of $35 for all 3 days.

Register by clicking here or by contacting Renae Wilson, MOA Secretary/Treasurer, 141 North Street, Branson, MO, 417.598.0975.

About the Author:
The Missouri Beginning Farming blog began through a NIFA grant for Missouri Beginning Farmers. It continues today as a way for beginning farmers to learn about new ideas and to hear about upcoming events of interest. It is maintained by Debi Kelly (kellyd@missouri.edu).

Missouri Organic Association’s 2014 Annual Conference Schedule

Thursday Agenda
8 am – 5 pm   Organic Expo Open Nebraska and Iowa Rooms
8 – 8:15 am   Welcome and Introductions Sue Baird, MOA Executive Director
8:15 – 9 am   Native American Flute /MOA Slideshow Jerry Fretwell
Livestock Symposium
9 – 10 am    Designing Rotational Grazing Systems, Francis Thicke
10 – 11 am   Dairy Farming in a Rotational Grazing System:
An Organic Dairy Farmer’s Perspective, Perry Clutts
12 – 1 pm    Lunch (on your own)
1 – 2 pm    It’s All About the Food! Dairy Nutrition, Dan Giacomini
2 – 4 pm    Organic Medical Treatments, Dr. Hugh Karreman

Back to Basics: Berry and Fruit Production
9 – 10 am    Raspberry and Blackberry Production: Hoop House vs. Field Production
10 – 11 am    Fruit Production: Using Interactive Budgeting Tools to
Assess Costs, Revenues and Risks
11 am – 1 pm   Lunch (on your own)
1 – 2 pm    Organic Apple Research: A Seven Year Study
2 – 3 pm    Organic Blueberries: Production and Disease Management
3 – 4 pm    Fruits/Berries: Management of Spotted Wing Drosophila and Other Insects

It’s all about the Money
9 – 10 am    Viable Farms = Building Communities, Charlie Hopper
10 – 11 am    MDA/NRCS Cost Share Programs, RMA Risk Management,
Crop Insurance
11 am – 1 pm   Lunch (on your own)
1 – 2 pm    MDA/NRCS Cost Share Programs, RMA Risk Management,
Crop Insurance (continued)
2 – 3 pm    Writing to Get the Grant, Debi Kelly
3 – 4 pm    The Farmer’s Perspective Panel – How to Succeed when All Else Fails
Year-Round Market Vegetable Production: An Advanced Course
9 – 10 am    Status and Significance of Sustainable Agriculture, Edwin Marty
10 – 11 am    Farming: Business Type, Prices, Profits, Strategies and Certification, Adam Montri
11 am – 1 pm   Lunch (on your own)
1 pm – 2 pm    Farm Economics: Designs of Successful Farms, Mike Bollinger
2 – 3 pm    Season Extensions, Mike Bollinger and Adam Montri
3 – 4 pm    Designing and Implement-ing Standard Operating Procedures, Michael Kilpatrick

Sustainable Living
9 – 10 am    Using Essential Oils for Health, Renae Wilson
10 – 11 am    Saving Your Own Heir-loom Seeds, Jill Henderson
11 am – 1 pm   Lunch (on your own)
1 – 4 pm    Medicinal Native Plants and Grape Propagation, Jon Pittman

Consumer Awareness
9 – 10 am    Mineral Nutrition for Soil and Plants, Dr. Don Huber
10 – 11 am    Plant Disease Control: Essential Nutrients, Dr. Don Huber
11 am – 1 pm   Lunch (on your own)
1 – 3 pm    GMOs and Glysophates: Impact on Livestock and Human Health, Dr. Don Huber
3 – 4 pm    Q & A Session, Dr. Don Huber
Evening Events
4 – 5 pm   Ask the Experts – Vendor Table Discussion, Roger Kropf
6 – 7 pm   Meet the Farmer’s Food Tasting Reception
7 – 8 pm   “Welcome to MOA Annual Conference” Organic Dinner
8 – 9 pm   Vendor Round Table Discussions Network and discuss current
issues in livestock management, soil fertility, and horticulture with
industry experts Dr. Hugh Karreman, Greg Garbos and others.

Friday Agenda
8 – 9 am    Keynote Address “Urban Farming”, Katherine Kelly Organic Livestock Symposium
9 – 11 am   Cow Signals®, Dr. Hugh Karreman
12 – 1 pm   Lunch (lunch on your own)
1 – 4 pm    Training Your Cows to Eat Weeds, Dr. Fred Provenzo Back to Basics: Soil Fertility, Cover Crops and Row Crops
9 – 11 am    Soli Fertility: The Key to Good Yields for Row Crops, Gary Zimmer
11 am – 1 pm   Lunch (on your own)
1 – 2pm    Developing Organic Pest Management Systems, Dr. Jaime Pinero
2 – 4 pm    The Key: Crop Rotations and Cover Cropping, Dr. Joel Gruver

It’s all about the Money: Marketing, Marketing, Marketing
9 – 10 am    Six Easy Ways to Get Free Publicity, Jim Long
10 – 11 am    Blitzing the Media, Jill Henderson
11 am – 1 pm   Lunch (on your own)
1 – 2 pm    Publicity, Marketing, and Additional Revenue Opportunities for Farms, Ben Flanner
2 – 3 pm    Utilizing Interns When Marketing Your Farm, Jim Long
3 – 4 pm    Here’s How I Do It? Panel Discussion Moderator, Jim Long
Year-Round Market Vegetable Production: An Advanced Course
9 – 10 am    Intensive Vegetable Production: Tools and Techniques, Mike Bollinger
10 – 11 am    Scaling Up Vegetable Production with Walk behind Tractors, Joel Dufour
11 am – 1 pm   Lunch (on your own)
1 – 2 pm    Nuts and Bolts of Year-Round Farming, Greg Garbos
2 – 3 pm    Seeds, Soil, Compost, Crop Rotation and Cover Cropping, Adam Montri
3 – 4 pm    The Future Is Ours Panel Discussion, Edwin Marty

Sustainable Living
9 – 11 am    Community Gardening with Straw Bales, Lorna Donaldson
11 am – 1 pm   Lunch (on your own)
1 – 3 pm    Vermiculture, Sea Minerals, Microbials, Bio-Char and Energized Water, Panel Discussion
3 – 4 pm    Solar Energized Farm Equipment, Gilbert Lopez

Consumer Awareness
8am – 5pm   Food Policy Workshop

Friday Evening Events
5 – 6 pm    Wine Reception and Book Signing – Relax with a glass of wine
and a good book signed by Mark Winne, Dr. Hugh Karreman,
Gary Z Zimmer, Jim Long, Edwin Marty or Jill Henderson
6 – 10 pm   Benefit Dinner and Auction – Good organic food and fellowship
followed by fun and fast bidding in support of
MOA educational programs

Saturday Agenda
8 – 5 pm    “Weld it Back and Build It Stronger”, Jim Bridwell
(*Additional fee of $30 applies for use of equipment Off Site)
11 – 1 pm    Keynote Address “Mark Winne”

Organic Livestock Symposium
8 – 9 am    Meat and Dairy Goat and Sheep Production 101: Genetic Selection
and Body Condition, Jodie Pennington, Jeff Yearington, Janet Hurst
9 – 10 am   Meat and Dairy Goat and Sheep Production 101: FAMACHA
Body Conditioning Scoring, Foot Trimming, and Vaccinations Hands-On Workshop, Patrick Davis, Jodie Pennington, Jeff Yearington, Janet Hurst
10 – 1 pm   Keynote Address “Mark Winne” and Luncheon
1- 2 pm    Repeat of 8-9 am Session
2 – 3 pm    Developing Small Ruminant Markets for Meat and Milk,
Janet Hurst, Jeff Yearington, Jodie Pennington
3 – 4 pm    Repeat of 2-3 pm Session
4 – 5 pm    The Farmer’s Perspective Panel Discussion

Back to Basics: Alternative Field Crops for Grain Farmers
8 – 9 am    The Economics of Alternative Field Crops, Alan Weber
9 – 10 am    Forages and Other Alternative Crops, Gary Zimmer
10 am – 1 pm   Keynote Address “Mark Winne”Luncheon
1 – 2 pm    Cover Crops as Alternative Cash Crops, Dr. Joel Gruver
2 – 3 pm    Alternative Crops Black, Pinto and Clear Helium Tofu Beans, Barley, Flax, White Milo Panel Discussion
3-4 pm    Missouri Organic Row Crops Research, Dr. Tim Reinbott

It’s All About the Money: Value Added Products
8 – 9 am    On Farm Dairy Products: Processing Do’s and Don’ts, Dr. Francis Thicke
9 – 10 am    Organic Dairy Processing, Lavy Organic Dairy
10 am – 1 pm   Keynote Address “Mark Winne” and Luncheon
1 – 2 pm    Establishing an On-Farm Processing Facility
2 – 3 pm    Regulations! Regulations! Regulations!
3 – 5 pm    Limiting Liability: Diversity is Key followed by Farm Tour of Millsap Farms

Year-Round Market Vegetable Production: An Advanced Course
8 – 9 am    Empowering Urban Youth to be Change Makers in Agriculture, John Gregory
9 – 10 am    Breaking through Concrete: Successful Urban Farming, Edwin Marty
10 am – 1 pm   Keynote Address “Mark Winne” and Luncheon
1 – 2 pm    Bio-Intensive System for Market Farms, George Kuepper
2 – 3 pm    Organic Transplant Sales, Katherine Kelly and Alicia Ellingsworth
3 – 4 pm    Developing Standard Operating Procedures, Michael Kilpatrick
4 – 5 pm    High Tunnel Production Systems and Strategies, Mike Bollinger

Sustainable Living
8 – 9 am    The Art and Science of Hugelkultur and Fodder Systems, Miriam Schrippe
9 – 10 am    Aquaponics on a Small Scale, Miriam Schrippe
10 am – 1 pm   Keynote Address “Mark Winne” and Luncheon
1 – 2 pm    Solar and Other Off-Grid Energy Sources, Mike Wilson
2 – 3:30 pm    Permaculture Techniques, Katie Nixon
3:30 – 5 pm    Food Forests, Steve Mann

Tractors and Farm Equipment: Do’s and Don’ts
8 – 9 am    Walk-Behind Tractors for Small Scale Farms, Joel Dufour
9 – 10 am    Tractor Implements, Wheel Spacing and Systems for 5+ Acres Market Farms, Michael Kilpatrick
10 am – 1 pm   Keynote Address “Mark Winne” and Luncheon
1 – 2 pm    Tractor Mechanics 101, Joel Dufour

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  1. what would the world be like if EVERYONE had a food bearing tree in their yard? (NO ONE WOULD EVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN)

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