Seed Saving Fundamentals Course

Jill Henderson – Show Me Oz – I don’t do this very often, but I wanted to share a great educational opportunity with those of you who are serious about saving seed.  My friend Justin Huhn, master seedsman and co-founder of All Good Things Organic Seeds, will be giving an extensive 8-week online immersion course designed to teach gardeners of all levels to successfully save seed.  Justin’s passion for education and his experience as a professional seed grower makes this online course a unique and valuable opportunity for gardeners and farmers wanting to successfully save seeds.  I recently sat in on a webinar that Justin gave online and I can vouch for the fact that Justin really knows his stuff! This course would be a great way to take your seed saving sills to a higher level!   Jill

  • Learn how to save seeds of ALL common garden vegetables.
  • Easy-To-Follow, practical steps walk you through all stages of growing and saving seeds.
  • 8 Interactive Modules: One a week for 8 weeks. Live trainings will be recorded and downloadable for all students.
  • Support: During the 8-week course, students will have unlimited access to the instructor.
  • Learn HOW TO grow super-healthy, productive plants that yield QUALITY seeds.
  • Your Seed-Saving SUCCESS is guaranteed. It is our mission to provide the highest quality education.

“Justin’s presence and thorough explanations of the seed harvesting and cleaning process helped me to take my seed saving to another level. Previously, I had saved seeds from only a few odd plants in my garden, and my saved seeds just didn’t grow as well as I had hoped. I now feel like my garden is a closed loop. Like it is now sustainable.” – Dorothy Williams, avid gardener. “With Justin’s guidance, I was able to save seeds from kale, peppers, lettuce and tomatoes from my backyard garden. I have regrown the kale and the lettuce am amazed with the results. I purchased much less seed this year, and plan to save seeds from new varieties to add to my collection. I can’t recommend Justin’s education enough!” – Jeremy Brighton, urban homesteader.

The course curriculum consists of EIGHT interactive, live modules.

  • Introduction. Terms & Definitions. Botany & Pollination. Getting started.
  • Planting. Annuals vs. Biennials. Population size & Isolation.
  • Growing Cycles. Selection. Pests, weeds & disease. Time Management.
  • Dry seed harvesting and cleaning.
  • Wet seed harvesting and cleaning.
  • Seed storage.
  • Resources.
  • Conclusion, Q&A, Next steps..

Justin says that with this course your seed saving success is guaranteed.  He will personally guide you through the seed-saving process, and you will have full access to the instructor throughout the course.

The course runs from  March 17 – May 5, 2015
Course sign-up ends March 16, 2015. To find out about upcoming classes, contact Justin at

To sign up or get more information on the course, click on the image below!

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