The Truth About Cancer


Jill Henderson – Show Me Oz -For those of you who read my blog regularly, I want to step out of my normal role as a writer and share with all of you something that means so much to me.  This past February, I lost my oldest brother Patrick to glioblastoma brain cancer.  Right off the bat, Pat decided to do what his doctors suggested.  He had surgery, then radiation, then two separate attempts at chemo which both landed him in ICU.  He knew he couldn’t do it again and needed to find another way.  Many caring people gave suggestions as to alternative cancer treatments, but researching even just a few was extremely time consuming and confusing for everyone.   I wish I had found then what I am about to share with you now.

Glioblastoma is a very deadly form of cancer. The standard prognosis is 24 months, tops. My brother was already pretty fit and eating a healthy diet that included organic and homegrown fruits, veggies, eggs and meat. And after the diagnosis, he ramped up his diet to include a dizzying array of vitamins, super foods, herbs and healing plants. And while my brother’s deep and abiding Faith and seemingly endless smile filled everyone with hope from the beginning and right up to the very end, it was a fight he didn’t win.  I could talk all day about Patrick’s story and perhaps one day I will share it with all of you, but right now I want to do more than that to honor my brother.  Today, I want to share with you the thing I wished we’d found at the earliest stages of my brother’s cancer – an amazing docu-series called The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest.

It hurt to watch this series so soon after losing my brother, but I knew I wanted to arm myself with the knowledge. At least I would be ready to help if it ever happened to me – or to someone else I knew.  Patrick did use some of the methods and herbs espoused in the series, but it turns out that those were just the tip of the alternative cancer treatment iceberg.  This series is a must-see for everyone, whether you have or had cancer, or know someone who does.

Did you know that today 1 out of 3 Americans will be diagnosed with some kind of cancer? That’s a staggering number, don’t you think? And when you are diagnosed with cancer, no one gives you time to think about what to do or how best to approach it. Everything is rush, rush. Surgery, radiation and chemo. End of story.  And if you don’t go along with the program, you’re likely to get a brow beating from your doctors. But what do you really know about cancer, cancer treatment and alternatives to Western allopathic cancer treatment?

I’m begging you not to wait until you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer to learn more about the alternative healing practices talked abut in this series. I’ve already seen it once and I’ll be sitting in again starting tonight – hopefully with you.

I’m not promoting The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest for money or brownie points or anything else but to honor my brother Patrick’s memory and I because I believe everyone ought to see it at least once.  It may save your life, or the life of someone you know or love very much. And at the very least, maybe you’ll learn something about how to prevent it from happening to you.

So, here is the link: The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

Simply click on it, sign up using your email address and a first name (or a made up one, they don’t care). And if you don’t get an email within a few hours, be sure to check you spam folder.

You WILL get several emails a day throughout the 9 day event to alert you to the starting times and links for each day’s event. You have only 23 hours to watch each individual documentary before the next day’s event starts and at or near the end, you will have the option to buy the 9 DVD’s for a reduced price. If you don’t want to buy, don’t – but if you do – please consider donating them to your public library when you are done with them so that others can use it as the invaluable resource that it is.

And if you don’t see this post in time to catch this showing, go ahead and check out their website at  If you sign up for the weekly newsletter, I’m sure it won’t be long before you are invited to take part in a future free showing of the series, plus you’ll receive great healthful information in the meantime.

That’s it in a nutshell. Go check it out. It costs nothing, but it may just save you, or someone you love their life.

Until next time…eat well and be well.

Breast cancer cell image via Wikimedia Commons. Attribution: By No machine-readable author provided. Itayba assumed (based on copyright claims). – No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims)., CC BY-SA 3.0,



9 responses to “The Truth About Cancer

  1. Thnx Jill, your blog gets better and better… this advice about cancer seems right on target…

    • Thank you, Alex. That’s kind of you to say!
      It’s been a long time since we spoke last. I hope you are doing well.
      And yes, this is a great series and I strongly urge people to watch it – even if they don’t have cancer. There’s a lot of fantastic information in there that will help other non-cancerous conditions, as well.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Jill. I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I have heard similar stories about people diagnosed with cancer and being urged to start some toxic treatment regime before they even have time to do some research. I know because I have been fighting stage III multiple myeloma since 2010. I was lucky. My treatment didn’t have many side effects and I went five years before I had a recurrence. That was last year, when I elected to have cryosurgery on a localized tumor on my iliac crest. But it is starting to come back so I have to consider some form of treatment again. I will surely look into this and share it with others in my support group. Thanks again for getting this out to your readers.

    • Thank you for your condolences, Tigsal. I don’t know that any alternative treatment would have saved my brother, because brain cancer is one of the deadliest and he didn’t start them right away. I also know that conventional treatments wouldn’t have saved him, either. But at least the alternative treatments did a better job controlling his neurological symptoms and helped keep him feeling good right up to the end. The conventional medicine made him sick and had nasty side effects. In fact, one of the drugs they gave him after surgery was later shown to *increase *proliferation of tumors – which is exactly what happened. Also, there is some scientific validation that his cancer may have been caused by the polio vaccine that he (and millions of other children, including me) were given in the 60’s. At least with the alternative treatment (cannabinoids), Pat was able to halt and reverse the severe neurological symptoms he suffered from and kept him feeling good and living a normal life. Conventional medicine couldn’t offer him anything close to that.

      Tigsal, I wish you the very best in your fight against multiple myeloma and I pray that you will find an alternative that will not only help, but win that battle for you!!

  3. That’s a strong endorsement, Jill, and I thank you for that! I do know that new chemotherapies have been developed for myeloma that have brought about longer remissions with less side effects than were possible twenty years ago. I have taken advantage of Revlimid which put me in remission for five years. The International Myeloma Foundation is working towards a cure which I hope comes soon!

    • I hope so, too, Tigsal – and congratulations on 5 years of remission! I wish you many, many more. One of the things that I particularly appreciated about the documentary series was that they included lots of great information on herbs and foods that help reduce the side effects of chemo, and even boost its effectiveness, for those who go the traditional route. They also discuss many ways to boost the body’s natural immune system, which is so important to anyone fighting cancer.

  4. Thanks, I’ll let you know how it goes.

  5. Hi, Jill, my name is Paul Holden, retired teacher of several disciplines at ASMSA here in Hot Springs. Also an oral surgeon with three years of family practice residency at the AHEC in Fort Smith years ago. Medicine as practiced in this state and in this country and I could not agree so with the Ph.D. I have in Romance Languages, I returned to teaching. My enthusiasm for preventive and lifestyle medicine continues unabated!

    I see that what you offer has the name of Joseph Mercola, D.O. on the list of people who endorse and or contribute to the work you are enthusiastic about. This man is a known “Quack” who has made a fortune selling products that have been show NOT to work.

    The following is a link to a comment by a professor of medicine at a well-known medical school:

    * *

    There are many such comments on the internet that share this physician’s sentiments.

    I wish you would share the following link with your readers:

    This is the *best source of information* on the internet (or anywhere else) provided by a physician, Dr. Michael Greger, with impeccable credentials that I have found and believe me, I have combed the internet. He presents ONLY the results of studies found in the world’s leading scientific journals and he sells nothing. Watching the short videos he offers is free. Dozens of videos on cancer are available there. Please choose a topic (such as “cancer”) and see for yourself.

    If the people who are pushing this “Truth About Cancer” are selling ANYTHING, viewers need to VERY careful!

    I enjoy your “Show Me Oz” articles very much. Keep up the good work. And I admire your interest in preserving the health of your readers but as we know this is an area where many people are vulnerable and many other unscrupulous people are just waiting to “pounce” on them!

    All the best,


    • Hi Paul, thank you so much for your comments.

      I appreciate your concern about Dr. Mercola, but honestly, I don’t watch mainstream media and don’t really follow him, so I couldn’t say either way that he’s a quack or not. Besides, I don’t personally buy into vitamin supplements, anyway. I think we can get all the vitamins and minerals we need through the food we eat and we can stay healthy by eating whole organic food and herbs, exercising, spending time outdoors, and shutting off our gadgets more often! But when we do get sick, when something terrible goes wrong, then we all should have the option to chose how we heal.

      What can I say, but cancer is just the worst kind of illness. Everyone knows that radiation doesn’t just kill cancer cells, but every cell it touches… heart, brain, lung, ovaries, testes, whatever. It also causes cancer. And chemo causes cancer, too. Mammograms are just another form of radiation that cause cancer! If it saves your life initially, you’re still likely to get another form of cancer 5-10 years down the road from the “treatment”. The doctors will tell you that. And the whole industry is filled with incredibly dangerous (and questionable) drugs that have a dizzying array of vile side effects that, yet again, can, and very likely will, kill you! One (of many) of those drugs was given to my brother after the two tries at chemo nearly killed him. He didn’t want it, but they talked him into it. And within the year, his single tumor (surgically removed) massively proliferated into 10 new ones! And come to find out, a “study” on that very drug had been underway when his doctor talked him into it. And just as my brother’s 10 new tumors appeared, the results of the study were made public. And guess what? They found that the drug actually caused cancer cells to rapidly proliferate into multiple tumors.

      So, let me ask your doctor friend – are the people who made that drug, and the people who “tested” that drug, and the people who approved that drug and the people who sold that drug, and the doctors who prescribed that drug quacks?

      Because it sure looks to me like the drug they gave him, killed him.

      It’s a slippery slope. I believe there is a place for allopathic medicine. I just think people should have the choice. And this documentary arms them with information so they can make an informed choice.

      So, what I do know for sure? I know that the folks who made this incredible series on alternative cancer treatments have done something that no one else has done – compile an amazing array of information on the alternative treatment and prevention of cancer. And they have spent a lot of time and money doing it. Do they sell something? Yes, they do. I detailed that in my post. They sell the documentary series on DVD, which is a really good reference tool. I wish I’d had it when my brother was sick. It is impossible for one person facing a life or death situation with the clock ticking to research just a tiny fragment of the incredible amount of research it covers.

      I visited Dr. Greger’s website, as you suggested, and without spending much time there found that he thinks anyone who is against vaccines is a quack. Well, he should read the CDC and NIH papers on how the polio vaccine given to millions of children in the 60’s contained a monkey virus known to cause cancer and yet, they still continued to give it to children despite the facts. My brother just happened to be one of those children and the doctors at the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) knew that my brother’s brain cancer was probably caused by that vaccine, as that seems to be the prevalent cancer type for older (50+) recipients of that vaccine. What else don’t they or won’t they tell us?

      I’m sure Dr. Greger is a good doctor who cares, just like my brothe’s doctors were good people who cared – but I have been told by people just like them that herbal remedies are quackery. I hear from them every day about how cannabis is quackery, when I know from experience that it is a powerful healer. Anyone that confines themselves to the status quo should begin by unschooling themselves from the brainwashing we all have been given our entire lives and open their minds to the immense possibilities that exist in this world.

      I really do appreciate your concern about Dr. Mercola, but I promise you he is such a tiny component of this series that you hardly even notice him. Actually, I believe his company is a marketing affiliate – someone who helps drive traffic to the site – but I don’t know that for sure and honestly, I don’t think it matters much at all. It’s the documentary and information within that really matters. Trust me on this one.

      If it were your life on the line right this very minute, wouldn’t you want to at least be given the option to choose… I know I would.

      Thanks again for your thoughts, Paul. I truly value and appreciate them and the opportunity to have this conversation with you!

      All the best!

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