River Hills Harvest Raises Elderberry Production to New Levels

Durham shows off a full head of elderflowers.jpgJill Henderson ~ Show Me Oz
Acres USA – April 2017 issue

In the heart of the Midwest, River Hills Harvest is riding the new wave of demand for elderberry products. At the helm of this enterprise is Terry Durham, a long time advocate of sustainable agriculture, a builder of ground-breaking organizations and an elderberry expert best known for his devotion to developing the entire elderberry market from the ground up. “There is no competition for elderberry producers and growers are desperately needed to fill the rising demand for elderberry products.”  Read more…safe PDF opens automatically.

2 responses to “River Hills Harvest Raises Elderberry Production to New Levels

  1. Vera Clifford

    Enjoyed the article on elderberries! I discovered these wild growing “gems of health” in the early 70’s. I first used them for making some of the best jelly I’ve ever tasted. In the last few years I’ve discovered how to use them dried in a home-made elixir that could be described as a cough syrup tonic. I have not had a cold or the flu since, and I DON’T get a flu shot either. My dear sweet husband dug me a sprout from the wild (not sure the variety) and it now lives happily by our shed. I love my elderberry bush! The blooms provide the most heavenly fragrance in early June. We have enough for ourselves AND the birds. I wish more folks would research the benefits of elderberry.
    Vera C.

    • Thank you for sharing your elderberry story, Vera. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Elderberries are packed with phytonutrients and health-protective compounds, which is why many consider them a ‘super food’. They grow like gangbusters, but you have to be able to fend off the deer, who love them too! 🙂

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