New Book Release: Illuminati Agenda 21

Illuminati Agenda 21 tells the story of the age-old battle between Good and Evil. The first part of the tale identifies the Luciferian perpetrators, tracing their origins back to ancient Sumeria, and tracking their hegemony over mankind through Babylon, Egypt, the Holy Roman Empire, and on to their modern-day lair known as The City of London. 

Part two brings the battle into recent times, where the Illuminati’s Agenda 21 is quietly unfolding in an insidious creep towards global fascism and their long-awaited goal of a New World Secular Order, which threatens to strip us of our humanity, replace us with machines, and destroy all Creation.

I hope you will take a few minutes to check out this latest book, which I co-authored with my husband, Dean Henderson – a brilliant political analyst and economist and a noted international author and speaker.  While some of my readers may find this book a bit out of the norm for me in terms of subject matter, it delves deeply into those things that I hold dear, such as alternative healing, organic gardening and farming, real food, GMOs and seed saving, as well as my reverence for nature and the spirit of being human.

All of these things and much more are portrayed both in my writing and in this new book, which uncovers what many people in these troubled times feel in their gut – that the system is broken and that the powers that be don’t seem to care all that much about our, or anyone else’s suffering so long as they stay rich and powerful…

So if you are literally sick and tired and want to find out why, step inside and find out the truth that is being hidden from us and what you can do to change the world for the better.

Check out our new book on Amazon!

6 responses to “New Book Release: Illuminati Agenda 21

  1. A powerful way to bring your two linked perspectives together. xxx

  2. Thanks, Sara. That’s exactly how we see it, too.

  3. Congratulations on your new book…Fantastic, Thank you both for sharing your insight and perspectives. You are both so very genuine, auththenic and wise!!! 🙉🙈🙊Much love to you, Laura

  4. Hi! Loved the book. I am just wondering, what is the best way to get “clean, wild water” if all the natural sources are tainted with chemicals etc? What is the best source and/or how do we clean water ourselves?

    • Hi, Kate. Sorry for the delay. I responded to you 2 days ago, but apparently my reply didn’t ‘stick’ for some reason. Anyway, I’m so glad you have enjoyed the book and appreciate your question.

      It’s true that most groundwater/rainwater sourced water is contaminated to one degree or another with toxins of varying types – some worse than others. My answer to the question of where to get clean wild water is multi-faceted.

      My first response is that it’s very hard to find ‘pure’ water anymore outside of glacial melt in the Himalayas or the arctic where the ice is thousands of years old. Next would be water from springs, but that depends entirely on the source of the spring. Even water from ‘artesian’ springs could be questionable if the original source is tainted by groundwater. I think the best source of clean wild water is hot springs because that water comes from deep in the earth (see this link about primary water – that is in contact with tectonic plates or nearby magma.

      For all other sources I suggest testing and filtration using various means. You can check out your municipality’s water quality at the EWG Tap Water Data Base at Here you can find the known contaminants and which filtration to use to remove them. You can also check whether or not your city adds flouride to the water by calling and asking.

      One final consideration when using reverse osmosis is that while it does remove almost all toxins, it also removes all minerals – including those you need to be healthy. If you use RO, be sure to remineralize the water before you drink it. Additionally, I urge everyone to check out restructured water like Grander. You can learn more about it in this fantastic video, The Mystery of Water.

      Thanks again for your question, I hope this helps!

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