Casting the World Wide Net – Part I

desk-699095_640Excerpted from our new book: Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation

Everyone likes to think they aren’t addicted to their cell phones and other wireless tech but most are because the algorithms that run them were designed to be addictive.  Aside from the social disorders that excessive cell phone use is causing across the board, there is one aspect to the “technological revolution” that the military, government, and the motley rich tech developers don’t want you to know – the sound from your devices is killing you.

Maybe you remember the days of the dial-up modem where you sat for an eternity listening to screechy beeps and squeals as your phone connected your computer to the Worldwide Web or those that sometimes interfered with your radios, televisions, or telephones?  Those sounds were generated as a result of electromagnetic radio frequencies (EMF) emitted from one device and picked up by the antennas on the others.

Humans can’t normally hear the sound of electromagnetic energy pulsing through the air, but once you’re able to hear it through EMF measuring instruments or device feedback, you really don’t want to hear it again – and for good reason.

There are many sounds that humans find pleasant, invigorating, or relaxing, like birdsong, gentle rain, moving water, and beautiful music. These sounds are considered to be “in tune”, or what is often referred to as harmonic.

Then there are sounds that grate on the human ear like fingernails across a chalkboard like those screechy cell phone frequency bleeds. These sounds make people feel agitated, uncomfortable, and even angry because they are disharmonic, or out of tune.

The effects of disharmonic frequencies on humans is a serious topic among product manufacturers, who understand that the sound their products produce has a direct effect on the “emotional quality” of the consumer, as explained in the abstract from proceedings at the 18th International Conference on Concurrent Engineering (ISPE), entitled, “Effect of Tonal Harmonic Feature in Product Noise on Emotional Quality”.

Being comprised of mostly water, the human body is like a giant antenna that readily picks up electromagnetic frequencies in the environment.

Our ability to tune into sound frequencies includes those that we can hear and those we cannot. Birds find their way south in the winter and north in the summer by tuning into the earth’s natural magnetic frequencies. This is also how young monarch butterflies that have never flown the long migration route from Canada to Mexico know how to do it without ever being shown the way by their parents, who die as soon as their young are born.

Humans are like birds, bees, monarch butterflies and every other form of life on earth in that we were created to harmonize with the natural radio frequencies emitted by the sun, which resonates at 528 Hertz of sound and 528 nanometers of light. Our brains emit 528 Hz of sound, as do green leaves and plants. It’s not a coincidence or a manipulation of statistics – it’s Creation.

Of course, we can’t hear the sounds of the sun or of chlorophyll in plants. We can’t hear the stars and other planets with our ears. But that doesn’t mean we don’t feel and hear them with our body and mind.

In fact, NASA and other astral observers have been recording the sounds of space for a long time. Every planetary body in our solar system resonates with beautiful harmonic frequencies – all but earth, that is.

Earth most assuredly sounded that way at one time but these days, our beautiful blue planet sounds like demonic metal grinding over death. It is not pleasant to listen to, yet that is exactly what our bodies “hear” with our internal antennas every day of our lives. This is caused by all the electromagnetic sound smog, which now covers our planet like a thick veil that is not only drowning out the earth’s natural harmonic sound as heard from space, but is also changing the pulse, or heartbeat, of Earth itself.

If we humans were created to function perfectly in the presence of harmonic frequencies, then it makes sense that discordant frequencies made by unnatural sources have a negative impact on our emotions and biological functions. Next week I’ll talk a bit more about the impact of electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF’s or RFs for short) on human health and what you can do to help protect yourself and your family from serious ill-effects like cancer.

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The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation

Illuminati Agenda 21 tells the story of the age-old battle between Good and Evil. The first part of the tale identifies the Luciferian perpetrators, tracing their origins back to ancient Sumeria, and tracking their hegemony over mankind through Babylon, Egypt, the Holy Roman Empire, and on to their modern-day Masonic lair known as The City of London. Part two brings the battle into recent times, where the Illuminati’s Agenda 21 is quietly unfolding in an insidious creep towards global fascism and their long-awaited goal of a New World Secular Order, which threatens to strip us of our humanity, replace us with machines, and destroy all Creation.  Check it out at Amazon

Jill Henderson is an artist, author, and the editor of Show Me Oz  Her books, The Healing Power of Kitchen Herbs, The Garden Seed Saving Guide and A Journey of Seasons and Illuminati Agenda 21 can be found in the Show Me Oz Bookstore.  Jill is a featured columnist for Acres USA and a contributing author to Llewellyn’s Herbal Almanac and her work has appeared in The Permaculture Activist and The Essential Herbal.

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6 responses to “Casting the World Wide Net – Part I

  1. We already have Haarp , chem-trails that create weather changes and in addition to the coming 5G with high frequency band will totally affect humans and turn them into metals. I think people should stay away from all these “smart devices” that create addiction. They should chose nature instead and stay on the beach, listen the waves, the bird chirping.
    I love your articles Jill, you’re a natural talented writer.

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  3. Thank you so much, Laura. You’re right on the money! None of the new wireless frequencies have been studied for human or animal safety – and we’re learning more about why that is every day! In addition to taking steps to reduce our exposure to EMFs, we really need to get in touch with being human again and ground ourselves in natural behaviors and environments. Both will go a long way to help prevent many of the preventable dis-eases now arising from the excessive use of wireless devices!

  4. This explains why I sleep so much better under a mosquito net: it’s a sort of Faraday cage.

    • That’s interesting, Bud. You can actually buy mosquito net-like bed canopies made with metal entwined in the fibers that act just like a Farraday cage. I wonder if yours happens to have some metal fibers in it to make it strong?

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