Casting The World Wide Inter-Net – Part III – 5G & The Internet of Things

Earth DownloadedExcerpted from our new book: Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation

In Part II of this series, I covered just a few aspects of how discordant sounds and electromagnetic frequencies can and are being used as weapons against the American people by the United States government and military via cell tower radiation, wireless devices, and EMF-weaponized sound projects such as HAARP and the nano-metals in the chemtrails used in geoengineering. Yet, many people are still skeptical because they really don’t want to give up the convenience of their cell phones and the fun of their other wireless devices. But the truth is out there for anyone to see.

A working group of scientists from 14 countries meeting at the World Health Organization’s Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO/IARC) looked at dozens of peer-reviewed studies on the effects of EMF’s emitted from cell phones and other wireless devices. Their determination was that cell phones were “possibly carcinogenic” and were listed in the 2B category of carcinogens – a category that includes toxic chemicals and pesticides such as fuel exhaust, dry cleaning chemicals, and the banned pesticide DDT. None of which you probably want your kids to play with.

“A review of the human evidence of epidemiological studies shows an increased risk of glioma and malignant types of brain cancer in association with wireless-phone use,” said Dr. Jonathan Samet, the chairperson of the IARC working group. If you aren’t sure, glioblastoma is a death sentence.

Research has long shown electromagnetic radiation to be harmful to the human body. The primary factors involved in physiological harm correlates directly to the frequency of the radio waves, the strength of transmission, and the duration of exposure. A comparison of the radio frequencies used over the last few decades with those of the new 5G (and future YG) wireless networks reveal a massive increase in frequency levels and types of radio waves being employed.

Cell phones became a popular and affordable item in the late 90’s. Before that, they were big, bulky and expensive. Phones operating in the 2G and 3G networks operated at 800 and 1900 (1.9) MHz respectively. With the demand for faster service, the 4th Generation Wireless (4G) utilized frequency realms of from 700 MHz at the very lowest and cheapest range, to the more common 2500 (2.5) MHz range. The latter just happens to be the same exact frequency at which water molecules begin to oscillate (spin).  Until then, these super-high frequencies were only used by commercial airlines and the military for radar, sonar, and communications – and, of course, for frequency weapons, torture, and brainwashing.

The new 5G, which is currently being installed and tested in several major metropolitan areas and scheduled to be fully operational nationwide by 2020, is going to operate at a death-inviting minimum of 6000 (60.0) GHz (that’s giga-hertz!), which is basically 1,000,000,000 (one-billion) Hertz!  This is literally mind-blowing because it is at this frequency that the body binds and absorbs oxygen. Seriously?

In other words, the Illuminati 5G network will not only starve humans of their ability to uptake water and oxygen, the two most essential elements to our lives, our health, and our natural resonance with the earth and Creation, but it has been proven through the US military’s own studies and documentation to have the ability to mutate and destroy the molecular structure of every part of the human and animal body. If I were to condense all this information to make it short and sweet and to the point so that no one misunderstands the situation:

The EMFs from 5G can permanently alter your DNA and kill you.

Now, if that weren’t enough, it is very popular to have a cordless walk-around home phone as a landline. These conveniences first came to market in the ’80’s and operated on a radio band frequency of around 1.7 to 50 MHz.  The 90’s models operated at roughly 900 Hz. Today’s DECT or Digital European Cordless Telephones operate between 1.9 – 5.9 GHz, but most use the higher band frequency. This makes these ubiquitous devices even more powerful than cellular phones using the current 4G network. Many experts are suggesting that modern cordless DECT phones are even more dangerous than cell phones – emitting as much EMF’s as a cell tower near your home. Both the phone and the deck of these units emit the same mind-blowing levels of EMF’s, which is essentially microwave radiation.

The new and astounding speeds of 5G are brought to you, not by the current form of radio waves being used, but by shorter and more powerful millimeter waves. These waves have not been used in this way before because they don’t travel long distances or penetrate physical obstacles like walls and trees very well. Because of this, 5G can only operate well if the transmitters (cell towers) and receivers (devices) are very close together.

To achieve this closer distance requirement, cell tower antenna arrays must be much closer to the ground and connected by a daisy-chain of “small cell” transmitters placed roughly 100-200 yards apart to efficiently move the frequency around objects that it cannot pass through. Look around you and pay attention to the cell towers in your area. Not only are they erecting new towers closer and closer together, but they are dropping the arrays closer and closer to the ground.

I’ve actually seen cell towers with arrays that have been re-positioned so that they are just above the treetops and typically within 30 feet of rooftops. In order to connect the world to the Internet of Things, hundreds of thousands of new cell towers are being erected and located only hundreds of yards from of each other. These larger, lower cell towers will soon be connected to literally billions of “small cell” transmitters at ground level in order to further extend the reach of the short millimeter waves around obstructions like trees and buildings.

These mini-cell-towers are very innocuous. Most are less than 3 feet tall and are being mounted to stop lights, street lights, electric poles, lampposts, and flagpoles, as well as being attached to the lower floors of homes and buildings and overpasses. Many are being dressed up to look like just another part of the architecture or disguised as trees or cacti or other “natural” features to make them hard to spot. Soon, there will be small cell emitters every 200 yards or less. By 2019, you will most likely have one or more of these new high-energy weapon systems in your front or backyard or on the roof or facade of your home, workplace, or school where their super-high radio frequencies can bombard you and your children’s brains day in and day out.

It wouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes more than one day to figure out what is causing the increase in the bizarre and chronic health issues of our times.

The total assault on humanity began in 1992 with the Trojan Horse known as UN Agenda 21. We have endured so much already: the introduction of the internet and wireless communications to homes, schools, and workplaces around the globe; the forcing of GMOs and their associated pesticides into the global food system; an unprecedented uptick in the frequency of childhood and adult vaccinations; an increase in weather modification and chemtrail activity from our friends over at HAARP; the introduction of the CERN psychopaths who happily collide the “God Particle” for shits and giggles; and the advent of a permanent war economy.

It’s time for people to wake up to the fact that humans are soon to join the endangered species list and that the Illuminati hunters do not have your interests in mind and are not just out sight-seeing.

Despite the public’s concern with this new radio-active sound network, I’m afraid trying to work with your local, state or federal authorities as to where and how many of these transmitters will be placed where you live is probably not the most effective tactic to employ when attempting to stop the lunatic fringe from polluting the very air we breath with psychotronic sound waves that ever so slowly destroy human health. But please do try anyway. We don’t have much else to work with.

And that is because of Tom Wheeler, who was the Obama Administration’s FCC Chairman and a long-time tool of the telecommunications cartel. Under his guidance, he almost assured the telecom and tech industry free reign when he gave a long and very disturbing speech about how no regulations will be enacted to curtail the new “Internet of Things”. He said, “Unlike some countries, we do not believe we should spend the next couple of years studying what 5G should be, how it should operate… Turning innovators loose is far preferable to expecting committees and regulators to define the future. We won’t wait for the standards to be first developed… Instead, we will make ample spectrum available and then rely on a private sector-led process for producing technical standards best suited for those frequencies and use cases.”

So, next up for planet earth and its inhabitants is the miraculous 5G Network, which will take our current exposure to radio frequency radiation, quite literally, into the stratosphere and allowing the maniacal corporations of the Crown to “Ensure” that everything you own has super-enhanced Artificial Intelligence that is way “smarter” than you are – and better looking and funnier, too.

And while you’re dying of EMF cancer or some other exotic disease no one has ever heard of before, your personal droid will lock you out of your own home to live with the other biologicals in the wild – leaving them, their Illuminati Masters, and a few mind-altered human slaves to tend to their privatized Garden of Eden. God help us all.

Next week, I’ll share a post filled with suggestions on how to reduce or block you and your family’s exposure to dangerous EMF’s.

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3 responses to “Casting The World Wide Inter-Net – Part III – 5G & The Internet of Things

  1. Great article Jill, with a lot of valuable information. The Illuminati is using the technology against us, they don’t care the Earth will be destroyed but if they think they survive, they are wrong, they will die as well. We have to be prepared protect ourselves. We need to go and live in the rural area, in the woods, in pure nature where there is no technology, no electromagnetic sounds. Artificial Intelligence chips are evil and humanity must not accept them, those who accept them will be slaves and will die.
    People need to be prepared and alert.

    • You said it, Laura. It’s getting pretty freaky out there! It’s great if you can get out of the city but if you can’t there are lots of things you can do to protect yourself from EMFs! The best thing, though, would be to stop this insanity before it is fully operational!

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