Toxic Food for the Masses Part Three – Where Does Your Food Come From?

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Excerpted from our new book:
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In my last post, I talked in depth about how GMO crops and the food made from them contain a genetically-modified-protein that the body cannot break down into usable glycine, which is crucial for human health. And as bad as all this is, the troubles with GMOs doesn’t actually start in the gut – they begin in the environment in which they are grown, with the farmers that grow them and perhaps, even in your very own garden.

A few years ago I might have said to you that only certified organic foods do not contain genetically modified organisms, but I honestly can’t say that anymore. That’s because more and more GMO crops are being released and escaping their captor’s control. The thing is, we know that GMO plants can cross-pollinate with non-GMO plants of the same species. In fact, GMO crops often have an increased (super-fauna?) ability to cross-pollinate with their open-pollinated and heirloom counterparts. Most traditional food crops rely on insects or wind to move pollen from plant to plant, flower to flower,  which is how we get the food we eat and the seed we plant in our fields and gardens.

In one early and devastating experiment that took place in 1998, University of Chicago scientists were working on genetically modifying a variety of mustard to be herbicide resistant. And while no known gene effecting floral characteristics was altered in the experiment, the researchers noticed that the flowers from the genetically modified mustard looked different than those on the unaltered mustard. Even though the scientists thought this change was unlikely to be significant, they decided to test the modified plants’ out-crossing rate, which essentially tests the speed and effectiveness of pollen moving from the male flower to the female flower in order to produce viable seed.

It turned out that the genetically engineered mustard had over twenty times the out-crossing rate of the standard mustard. In other words, the pollen from the GMO mustard was more than twenty times more likely to successfully reproduce than its natural counterpart in the same scenario. This disturbing fact spells disaster for non-GMO crops grown in the same region as open-pollinated and organic crops, and its outcome has already been felt by farmers all over the Midwest.

Today, any and all non-GM open-pollinated heirloom plants are in real danger of being contaminated by their Franken-Food counterparts. This includes natural hybrids, (which are simply a cross of two varieties of a similar species), heirlooms, and open-pollinated vegetables in your garden, as well as seed, grain, cereal, and fruit crops being grown in commercial and organic fields.

And once a non-GMO plant is infected with the patented DNA of a GMO, it is essentially illegal to grow it or save its seed without obtaining legal permission from the patent owner by signing a contract first.  All farmers growing GM crops sign a contract with the seed and chemical manufacturer before they are allowed to grow crops using that seed.

Additionally, multinational corporations like Monsanto are working hard to buy up as many small seed companies as they can in order to gain control of yet more genetic material for their freakish food experiments. You might be surprised to find out who actually owns your favorite garden seed company! Worse yet, our government has full and complete awareness of the dangers lurking in our gardens and our food and is doing absolutely nothing to stop it.

In fact, many former Monsanto employees now work in positions of power at the FDA and other regulatory agencies that are supposed to monitor the safety of the American food supply. They have the power to approve or deny crops introduced by biotech giants like Monsanto, but they choose to climb the ladder of power and enrich themselves and their evil friends rather than save lives.

Even if you have a moral opposition to GMOs, you are probably eating them right now and don’t even know it.

That’s because there is currently no law in effect that requires GMO foods and ingredients to be labeled or identified as such.  If the laughable labeling bill that was passed a couple of years ago ever goes into effect, there won’t be a single word about GMOs on them. Once again, the onus will be placed on the consumer, who will need to locate and scan a QR Code for every single product they want to buy just to find out if they contain GMOs or not.

The big argument from the GMO-herd is that labeling costs too much (boo-hoo for all those poor trillion-dollar multinational corporations). But if the labels have to be changed anyway to include the QR code, why not just print the warning,“This product contains GMOs” and be done with it? Because they know that no one wants to eat Franken-Food, that’s why.

The GMO labeling bill also has the organic industry nervous. Democratic Senator Jon Tester told reporters, “…the bill uses a new definition of ‘bio-engineering’ and because USDA is given the authority to determine which foods are considered bio-engineered, there could ultimately be a situation where a GMO seed is planted, raised using organic processes, and then certified organic despite it being a GMO plant.”

In July 2018, the Organic Trade Association was called to task for accepting the membership of chemical giant BASF – maker of the deadly dicamba herbicide.- and other non-organic corporate entities and growing modalities, like hydroponics. As the purveyors of chemical and genetic farming worm their way into the lucrative organic market, we may soon see organic food being grown with GMO Franken-seeds and their associated petro-chemicals.

The ruthless and willful contamination of the world’s food supply by invasive and irreversible genetic material is the greatest silent disaster in human history. There is absolutely no way to stop the spread of GMOs into our food system and there is no known way to reverse the contamination once it has occurred. Pandora’s box has been opened.

The first solution to this disaster is to educate yourself as to what kinds of GMO ingredients are in the food you buy – which is pretty much everything. Then grill your supermarket manager and local, state, and federal politicians about their stance on GMOs and labeling, and boycott all GMO foods. Although they aren’t 100% free of glyphosates or GMOs, organic and local foods are your best bet for clean wholesome food. If no one buys GMOs, they’ll stop growing them.

Better yet, grow and raise as much of your own organic food as possible and learn to save your own garden seed and animal feed, or buy it directly from a local farmer who does.

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Toxic Food for the Masses Part Three–Where Does Your Food Come From?

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5 responses to “Toxic Food for the Masses Part Three – Where Does Your Food Come From?

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  2. Great series, Jill. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Jerre! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series. I can’t stress enough the impact of the fake GMO proteins on all animal and human health and the truly wide array of symptoms and “conditions” that occur due to the system-wide inflammation they cause.

  3. I am always anxious to read your articles Jill, they always bring new info to me, I keep learning from them and comparing things in the world. I find out that GMO is present in every country (except a few maybe as Cuba, Mexico). None is 100% GMO free.
    There are also hidden GMO in food: food sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, corn or soy, dextrin, maltrodextrin, aspartame, corn starch, shortening, vegetable oil, and many more.
    The problem as you say in your article if the labeling, I saw in Canada a kind of labeling, you couldn’t trust it 100%:
    A four-digit number preceded by a ‘9’ means organic, and preceded by an ‘8’ means genetically modified.
    In Europe Codex Alimentarius labeling is more misleading as the ingredients are presented in E forms as: E951 for aspartame. So you need to learn and search the codes.
    I think we’ll have to be more cautious in the future with this merger of Bayer +Monstanto as things might be codified on labels.
    And yes, you’re right farmers sometimes buy seeds from a third party, and all the crops are contaminated. That is the procedure Monsanto does in Europe, they sell seeds through other companies.
    I love your articles Jill as they are scientific and logical. Thanks for sharing them.

    • Thank you, Laura. I appreciate your intelligent and thoughtful comments, as well. Everyone I speak to knows that “something” is going very wrong in our culture but most are either unaware of what it could possibly be or are totally apathetic… I had someone just last night say to me they’d just rather not know! All I could say in reply is “You’ll know when you wake up one day in a fascist state with no rights at all.” She just shrugged. Alas, many innocents are finding out they are terribly sick and no one knows why or how to fix them. Maybe if food labels were clearer about where that food originates, what’s been sprayed on or applied to them, and the full list of artificial or questionable preservatives and flavorings added to them, that people would begin to question the decisions made by our government regarding these matters. The truth is that America is a democratic state run by corporations, not the people. I only hope that we can wake up a few more warriors who will stand up for the collective sovereignty of the people and our right to be fully informed.

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