Richie Allen Show: Interview on GMOs & Glyphosate

Richie interviews me in the second half of the program starting at 1:10:00.

21 responses to “Richie Allen Show: Interview on GMOs & Glyphosate

  1. Great interview, Jill. So much good info. regarding GMO’s & especially glyphosate which we’ve known about for years. Getting the specifics out there more & more is your forte. Thanks for this too.

    • Thank you so much, Jerre! I so appreciate you. Those 45 minutes went by fast and there is still so much to talk about on just this one issue. I am constantly in search of the truth and hope to share as much information as possible. Finding ways to detox from glyphosate and GMO fake proteins has not been simple, but I hope to share more of what I’ve learned on that subject in a future post.:-)

  2. Glyphosate strip nutrients from plants and soil. Years ago soil used to be fertile in beneficial microbes and glyphosate destroyed it. As I have written to you before , I used to have microbial imbalance in the gut, (leaky gut) I am better now but I have to take care. I listened to your interview Jill, and you are right the sauerkraut, yogurt with good probiotic bacteria, pickles, helped me. Good food moves your bowels and eliminates the crap out. I am lucky as my body is like an alarm does not tolerate anything unnatural.
    All the problems start from the bowel, than it comes the liver, bile, and the hormones another major problem. I am battling now with the hormonal imbalance for a couple of years. Hormonal imbalance does not happen overnight, it happens slowly over time and manifests itself at pre-menopause. I just go to the doctors to find out the problems then I heal myself with natural herbs and plants. All the doctors do is to give you more pills, synthetic hormones that harm your body more that it is.
    I find useful information from your articles Jill, (glad to find out there still are genuine doctors in this world) now I am happy to listen to you in interviews. It was nice hearing your voice. I mean that. You always tell the truth.

  3. Terrific interview and information provided. thank you!

  4. Hi Jill, I didn’t see but thanks for reminding me, I will get back to him today.
    Right now I am listening to Dr. Stephanie Seneff interview about glyphosate and she mentioned this is present on the wines. You remember we talked about histamines and sulfites. After coming back to Romania I didn’t have this problem with wines from the store, I only had it in Canada. So i think the grapes were sprayed with glyphosate. Dr Seneff confirmed my suspicion.
    I am battling now with the hormonal imbalance, and long menstrual cycles for a month. I know it is premenopause. You know the lady from the natural food store offered me a Female hormone blend SP-7C Non-GMo. I have been taking it for a month, it seems to be working, but it’s all natural it is from the States.
    here is the interview I am listening in case anyone wants to

    I will get back to Leo McFadden ‘s question and answer to him on the link provided by you.

    • Yes! That’s a fantastic interview, Laura. I just watched it the other night and I caught what she said about spraying the fruit, especially grapes and apples! It’s no wonder, then, that you had such a nasty reaction after drinking Western wine. I know a lot of people who have similar problems with wine, so I’ll be sure to pass that on to them.
      And I’m with you on the hormone issues and unnaturally long and heavy cycles. I almost died last October from hemorrhage. I’ve since been focusing on serious detoxing and it is definitely helping all of my symptoms. Raspberry leaf and ashwagandha are traditional remedies for peri and menopausal issues and as a uterine tonic. Which leads me to Dr. Jennifer Daniels work using natural spirits of turpentine for detoxing. A little research shows it is an age-old remedy for all kinds of illnesses. I’ve not used it myself yet, but a friend of mine has used in for a long time and my husband has also used it. In the video linked below, Dr. Daniels talks about the myth of menopause – her input is definitely worth considering.
      And, thanks for getting back to Leo. I know he’ll appreciate your advice.

  5. I replied to Leo I hope he sees my posting. I should have checked the previous postings, sometimes I do sometimes i don’t it depends on the time. Apologies for writing late. I am doing research for all kinds of leaked original documents ( the food , banking, war, how the money works) online and many times I have tons of windows open. I am having so many debates about the fact that the elite is killing us with gmos and people say where is the proof and don’t believe me. I have heard this line from many people ” the corporations had to create the additives to feed the people as there are 7 billion and food is not enough,” What a lie. When I tell them that there are a few corporations that own resources, (water is one of them) on this earth they don’t believe, then I say go and check it out. Nestle for egg is everywhere in every country. Many of my friends justify all these acts of the elite always calling me a conspiratorial theorist. I am so upset many times why people are so gullible, they just shrug and go away, saying “what can we do” waiting for help from God. God does help, but we as humans have to help ourselves question and fight and not expect to have things fallen from the sky. You see Jill, how far manipulation has gone. I am told that is so cool to have robots and then I tell these people why is it cool as many jobs will disappear.

  6. Again, you’re so right. AI is not cool. It’s hard enough to get humans to put down their bots (phones) and have a human conversation much less let robots take what few real jobs are left to humans. It’s a disaster in the making. They’ll say it’s cool until it affects their livelihood and then they’ll cry and scream and point fingers, but it will be too late then. And if people say your ideas are just conspiracy theory, tell them no, they’re conspiracy facts. Just because mainstream media isn’t talking about them doesn’t mean they aren’t true. They will find out the truth many years down the road after it is too late and say, “Gee, I guess Laura was right!”
    I say if you can help one person to see the truth or help them heal from insidious eugenics programs like the Tuskegee Experiment or the Bikini Islands, or even chemtrails [which have now, after 15 years, been acknowledged by the US government!] then you have truly changed the world! Stay strong and true to yourself! You’re on the right side of history!

  7. God protected you Jill, I can sense you are a good person and I am so sorry to hear that, I know how you feel I am so glad you are feeling better now, hemorrhage is not good to last for long and it is annoying as you don’t know when it comes. My suspicion is that all toxins messed up with our bodies (yours and mine) , and as for me I took a few times the prescription of the doctor with synthetic hormones, anti-baby tablets, that messed me up. I have visited here a few natural stores and they recommended the following anti hemorrhagic plants, I will give them to you their Latin name as well:
    1. Shepherd’s Purse – Capsella Bursa-pastoris
    2. Yarrow or Common yarrow – Achillea millefolium
    3. Red clover – Trifolium pratense
    4. Alchemilla vulgaris, common lady’s mantle
    5. Geum urbanum, also known as wood avens
    6. Equisetum arvense, the field horsetail or common horsetail
    7. Common wormwood – Artemisia absinthium
    8. Nettle
    I took pills and tinctures of Common wormwood, Red clover, yarrow, common lady’s mantle. Common wormwood is cleansing your bowels as well. I was recommended also the Female Hormone Blend SP-7C that I am talking now. I bought cleansing plants in tea form as:
    I detox my liver with Artichokes, Milk thistle and Common Dandelion.
    This is another tea for cleansing here is the link and how it looks in Romania
    I hope you find these herbs in the US as well, I know tons of them I just need to translate them into English. The only thing is to do the research and buy them and try. To be honest I would rather try them I believe in them than take doctor’s drugs. Eventually they hemorrhage stops, and once you detox and eat healthy, your health recovers. It takes time, I read it might be 2-4 months.
    Thank you for your information I will see if I can find these herbs you mentioned, i know raspberry is common here as well. I wish you speedy recovery Jill.

  8. I found the tea that detox your body and it has the following flowers in it:
    Urtica dioica, often called common nettle, Taraxacum officinale, the common dandelion, birch (betula verrucosa), Chicory (cichoricum intybus), common sage(salvia officinalis), Lindens (Tilia cordata), oregano (origanum vulgare),
    wild pansy (viola tricolor), Achillea millefolium, commonly known as yarrow or common yarrow, Hypericum perforatum, known as perforate St John’s-wort

  9. Thank you for sharing such detailed information, Laura. I agree with all you’ve said. I wanted to go through menopause naturally and so far it’s been pretty good. At first, not so much… but those are long stories! I am doing much better now because I started detoxing with more intent. I like Hulda Clark’s parasite protocol with black walnut hull tincture (we have black walnuts growing here, so can make my own), wormwood and cloves.

    Also, the detox tea you posted is fantastic. Dr. Seneff mentions dandelion, burdock and barberry as useful for glyphosate detox. Glyphosate binds nutrients, making them unavailable to the body. These herbs mobilize sulfate, which is needed for nutrient absorption. Also, by eating lots of sulfur-containing foods like cruciferous veggies, onions, garlic, etc. increase overall sulfates in the body which in turn makes other nutrients bio-available.

  10. We have burdock and barberry and dandelion in the natural plant store as separate tinctures, it might be as a mix as well, I just didn’t know they work so well for detoxing glyphosate. .
    When the hemorrhage does not stop you pretty much try everything trying to stop it.There is so much to choose from than researching is the best way to do first, and then buying what you need I read about the glyphosate regulation in Europe it is stopped for 5 years as some of the EU members voted against it, (shamefully Romania was for, many people have no idea of its harm against the human body) but who knows what will happen in the near future due to this merger of Monsanto -Bayer, my feeling is they will keep producing it. The gynecologist said to me in January that nowadays many people show up to the doctor with all kinds of weird issues. They wonder why, now we have the answer.
    Do you know the common hawthorn?

  11. I forgot to mention that even if glyphosate is legally forbidden (EU’s case) that does not mean that glyphosate or other pesticide is not present in that particular country. Romania for example imports exotic fruits/vegetables from Turkey. Moreover, Monsanto sells seeds and pesticides through third parties all over Europe. I think the best way to recognize a sprayed fruit /vegetable is by its shiny look, shape and if this does not brown or rot that definitely is sprayed with toxic chemicals.

  12. Watch this , it is incredible, glyphosate is present everywhere, no wonder that people get fat; I saw this in Canada as well not just the US. It is terrible, and now Monsanto-Bayer is targeting Europe, I would bet on that.

    • Excellent! Thanks, Laura! I was talking to Richie about that very thing. I watched this video with Dr. Seneff last night and thought I’d share it, too. It deals with using chlorine dioxide (MMS) to destroy the glyphosate in the body. I know someone using it and have heard a lot about it, but I was (and still am) a skeptic. But I’m interested in learning more about it.

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