Bentley – The Perfect Gentleman

One of my latest pet portraits! Bentley the One-Eyed Wonderdog!

Forever Pet Portraits

Bentley Boston Terrier Artwork Copyright 2018 Jill HendersonBentley was a Boston Terrier that was known by all as the “one-eyed wonder dog!” Bentley had a big personality, enjoyed riding in the tractor, playing ball, and loving on his people.

Doug D. says of his custom 9×12 full-color pastel Forever Pet Portrait:
We received Bentley’s portrait today.  Beautifully done!  It is a treasure…life-like and captures him perfectly!  Excellent work!  Barb says to tell you she loves Bentley’s portrait and “thank you!”

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5 responses to “Bentley – The Perfect Gentleman

  1. That’s our Bentley!! 🙂 Things going well for you? Finally, Fall has arrived…we finally started getting rain the first of August, so everything has really greened up. Corn harvest is just about over, getting ready to start on beans. Doug D.

    • Hi Doug! So nice to hear from you. Yes, that’s your beautiful Bentley boy! I love looking at his portrait. And yes, everything is well here. We were dry for a bit there but just got a nice rain to help with the changing of the leaves! I’m glad to hear all is well on the farm. Take care out there in the fields and keep in touch!

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