Parasites and Your Health Part II

Black Walnut Hull Tincture Copyright Jill Henderson Show Me OzIt’s surprising how many people completely reject the idea that they might have intestinal parasites when the truth of the matter is that hundreds of millions of people in America alone have some form of parasite living inside their bodies. In last week’s post, I talked about what parasites are and how they can affect human health. I also posted a very short list of ingredients and a super easy recipe for black walnut hull tincture, which together, make up one of the most effective, simple, natural, and inexpensive parasite cleanses you can do at home. And this week, I’m giving you the entire protocol schedule so you can make the most of this wonderful parasite cleanse.

As I mentioned last week, humans commonly carry around beneficial parasites in the digestive tract such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, which helps prevent other harmful bacteria from proliferating in the gut and causing illness. However, when it comes to parasitic worms and flukes (known collectively known as ‘helminths’) more is definitely not better.

That being said, humans have evolved with a vast array of parasites living within the body and new research indicates that parasites may not always be a bad thing. To learn more about this topic, I suggest you check out the following two articles from Harvard Health Publishing and William Parker, Associate Professor of Surgery, Duke University. After all, most people know that taking antibiotics can wipe out the beneficial microbiota in our guts, which is why we consume pro-biotics or fermented dairy products like yogurt to get the flora in our gut back into shape.

I point this out because while I know that excessive levels of parasitic infestations can and do make people sick, I also believe that you can just as easily over-do parasite cleanses and detox regimes that in the long run can also do harm. That being said, I personally like to do a basic parasite cleanse once a year and sometimes twice if I fall off of my maintenance schedule (which I often do!) but unless you know you’ve got a major problem with parasites – this means you have identified worms or eggs in your stool or have tested positive for something like candida, isospora, or toxoplasma please don’t over-do it with cleanse after cleanse.

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The following schedule takes you through the first three weeks of the parasite cleanse. After the third week, these ingredients can be continued on a maintanance level as indicated indefinitely. This is incredibly useful if you spend a lot of time with other people, using public restrooms, work with children, keep livestock, or have pets.

This particular cleanse is intended to eliminate parasites living in the digestive tract, but may also affect those in the urinary tract and reproductive organs as well. This particular cleanse has been adapted from Dr. Hulda Clark’s parasite cleanse. Her book, A Cure for All Disease, is a must-read for anyone seriously concerned about parasites and health.

I am encouraged to tell you that this information is not medical advice and I am not a medical professional. Please talk to your healthcare provider prior to taking any herbs or medications. Also take note of this caution on wormwood, which may be harmful if taken for long periods of time.

When buying ingredients for this cleanse be sure to choose a very high-quality product. The wormwood should retain a light green color and be exceptionally fragrant. The cloves should be exceptionally fresh and preferably organic to avoid additives and irradiation.

To save money on this cleanse, buy the wormwood and cloves in bulk and use to fill empty organic gelatin capsules. Organic is important here in order to avoid the glyphosate in the gelatin capsules. Use 0 or 00 gel caps and fill them with your own herbs.  Alternatively, you can take the herbs directly in the mouth with water, but if you are averse to strong flavors or gag easily please do not attempt this! Use the gel caps instead.

For your convenience, print out this schedule and put it on your fridge for easy reference.

Intestinal Parasite Protocol

Parasite Protocol Schedule

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6 responses to “Parasites and Your Health Part II

  1. Thank you for your advice of cleanse Jill, it is a very informative as usual. Cleansing is important for health.

  2. Jill I would like to ask you , if you don’t mind, what did you use as remedy to stop the menstrual bleeding in perimenopause? I tried lot of things and it does not stop. Right now I am doing the black walnut and wormwood and I am wondering if that is causing it. Before the cleanse I tried most of the natural teas i was writing about and it still took one month, stopped for a couple of weeks and started again. To be honest I have no idea what else to use. Thank you in advance.

  3. I can’t tell you the One Thing that has helped the most. I believe it was a combination of things. First, I purposely increased my iron intake because low iron levels (anemia) actually increases excessive bleeding. I also stopped taking any and all herbs, foods or drugs (like aspirin) that were strongly anticoagulant or otherwise thinned the blood. When I first start my period I take two ibuprofin, which is shown to decrease menstrual bleeding. I also increased the amount of foods containing high levels of Vitamin K, which helps regulate blood clotting (beet greens are a good example). And oddly enough, after this last parasite cleanse (so far) my periods have been incredibly normal! You might also consider increasing consumption of hemostatic herbs that when taken in medicinal doses may reduce excess menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia). These include herbs like
    Chicory root – contains vitamin k
    Great burnet (s. Officinalis) and salad burnet (s. Minor) – used throughout history to stop or slow very heavy bleeding. Salad burnet has the same ability but to a lesser extent. Salad burnet tea is taken to reduce fever and to slow heavy menstrual bleeding,
    Sorrell – well known treatment for menorrhagia and both internal and external bleeding
    Yarrow – astringent
    Also, avoid any herb that contains coumarin or coumarin derivatives, which increase blood flow and reduce clotting.
    Hope that helps! 

  4. Thank you Jill so much for your help. I might have anemia, who knows, all I can tell is that all my body aches, muscles especially, always sleepy. I am determined to do anything necessary with the herbs a combination of things you said. I saw the doctor in January and he said I have perimenopause symptoms: irregular menstruation at long intervals, followed by high blood loss and prolonged time due to hormonal imbalance. He gave me some synthetic hormone pills that stopped the cycles for 6 months and ever since then constant bleeding. I am 100% sure those pills deregulated it even more. That is why I said i don’t believe in doctors, gynecologist prescribe only drugs.
    Thank you for the information, I will look into finding these herbs and do a combination to improve my health. I appreciate a lot your help and thank you again.

  5. So sorry to hear that, Laura. I know the feeling!

    If you have been bleeding heavily and feel tired and achy all the time, you are almost definitely anemic! A simple blood test will confirm this and then you can work on increasing your consumption of iron-rich foods and supplementing with iron for a while until feeling stronger. Once at the appropriate levels of iron you can stop the supplement and see if food alone and cooking in a cast iron pan can sustain your levels. If not, your body may not be storing iron in your bone marrow. I like to take a tsp of molasses every day (4% daily iron) which keeps the iron up and helps with constipation when taking iron supplements.

    I’m sure you are aware of this but hormone replacement is both tricky and unsure. I believe one of the videos you shared recently talked a bit about this, but if you focus on feeding the liver and boosting your iron levels your hormones may level out by themselves. The liver plays a crucial role in hormone production as I’m sure you are aware of.

  6. Thank you so much for your information. I started eating cruciferous food today (broccoli) will look for other iron-based food.
    I know the hormone replacement is tricky, I went to the doctor as i was bleeding and to have a check for cysts or other abnormalities; the doctor said it started a normal perimenopause and then he prescribed the the hormone replacement I should have never taken it made things worse. That is why I won’t go to the doctors anymore, unless they are homeopatic/ nutritionists. I have to stop the bleeding and take care of the liver.
    I will follow your advice Jill and thank you again.

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