Dark Money Buys Elections

pbsdirtymoneydocumentaryAn important documentary for anyone who cares about the sanctity of one-person-one-vote and Big Money corporate rigging of US elections that thwart the voice of the people. I witnessed much of this while in my one-time home state of Montana – and it’s going on in every state in America.  Check out this limited time free airing on PBS through Oct 31 at https://www.pbs.org/video/dark-money-duhigg/.  Description: “A century ago, corrupt money swamped Montana’s government, but Montanans rose up to prohibit corporate campaign contributions. Today, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, Montana is once again fighting to preserve open and honest elections. Following an investigative reporter through a political thriller, Dark Money exposes one of the greatest threats to American democracy.

15 responses to “Dark Money Buys Elections

  1. Thank you Jill I will definitely watch the movie. Dark money of the corporations goes to elections everywhere, in every country. I find it is not worth going voting and legitimizing some corrupt parties, as nothing will change into good. The parties are elected, and the government formed serves the corporations’ interests selling out the country, creating legislation with loopholes in favor of the corporations. In my opinion centralized government needs to be abolished and smaller , community councils created in the favor of the population. The bigger the government the more centralized is. These central huge governments collude with the corporations, bankers destroying middle sized enterprises free market , and monopolizing the economy for themselves.
    People should not rely on government and banks’ help , they need to rely upon themselves , be self-sustainable, and independent.

  2. You are absolutely right, Laura. My hope is that by watching this documentary people will get a better understanding of what has gone so wrong with our election process and how they CAN make a difference by exposing the lies and perpetrators of the illicit Dark Money that now rules American politics. The corporations and private super-wealth behind Dark Money thwarts the constitutional electoral process by buying off politicians and silencing the true voice of voters.

  3. I thought of sharing with you Jill and the rest of your readers this documentary about food in Canada.

    anothe one how the corporations manipulate the worldwide food

  4. another movie Meat the truth

  5. the impacts of highly processed industrial animal foods on our personal health and greater community, and explores why leading health organizations continue to promote the industry despite countless medical studies and research showing deleterious effects of these products on our health.

    I thought of sharing these videos to you Jill, and your readers. As you mentioned the dark money of corporations are everywhere in our elections, food, health. There are tons of documentaries not enough space , I just thought of sharing a few.

  6. Thanks, Laura. That’ll give me plenty to watch over the weekend!

  7. I will give you one more Jill, truth about gluten. You must know about it, I had never realized how much toxic it became in the last 20 years
    I have a question: did you have homeopathic therapy? What is your opinion about it?

  8. You can go to the link and you search the truth about gluten.
    shocking ingredients in beer. No wonder a person’s hormones get imbalanced and liver gets toxic, we are bombarded constantly with chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides, gmos, xenoestrogens, modifiers, stabilizers, coloring, flavorings, additives, the list of them is so long
    There are so many things to watch and learn but so few organic food to choose from nowadays.

  9. Thanks, Laura. I have never needed to use homeopathic remedies as simple culinary herbs and diet have kept me relatively healthy, though I would certainly try them if the need arose. Also, I am not affected by gluten intolerance but understand why many are having issues with it. Humans have consumed wheat for many thousands of years and some say the “ancient grains” don’t bother them like modern wheat. However, the real truth is that most modern wheat (and other foods, even non-gmo crops) are sprayed with glyphosate (round up and other name brands) just prior to harvest. Doing this forces the kernels to mature all at once and desiccates the plant to make harvesting easier. It is the glyphosate that is making people so ill. Glyphosate looks like glycine to the body. Glycine is a major proteinogenic amino acid that the body’s digestive tract and other systems need to function. The glycine receptors in the body are taken up by glyphosate’s fake-glycine and the body eventually goes into hyper inflammatory mode (that looks like an allergic reaction) as it attempts to rid the body of this foreign substance that it cannot use in any way. The body associates the foreign body with the protein that it is connected to and that’s why people react to gluten, a major protein, and over time, many other proteins that have been contaminated with glyphosate such as dairy and even meat, whose proteins are also contaminated with glyphosate.

  10. https://foodbabe.com/the-shocking-ingredients-in-beer/
    I also added here a list of ingredients in beer, i will investigate further about food and drinks.
    I am glad you are okay with gluten, I am not, that made me sick, and now I am still fighting with the hormonal imbalance. I had to see a homeopathic doctor eventually and after a whole scan of the body, I found out that the gut, the pancreas, the liver are inflamed.
    All this process of glyphosate you described above affected me in long term, and due to the fact of poor digestion and the liver that does not function in full capacity the hormones are imbalanced. I was recommended a strict diet, to cleanse the liver and stop the bleeding. I am feeling much better now but still not fully recovered.
    It is insane how many things are sprayed : glyphosate and other pesticides , on vineyard, wheat, meat, dairy, fruits, veggies and even in beer. That explains now the allergies that are the liver’s reaction to this toxicity.
    Altogether the body is tired, too much stress, high estrogen, leaky gut, inflammation accumulated in years. In conclusion I am taking natural herbs, homeopathic medicine, and I have to be careful what I eat to cure my liver
    I am glad you are okay Jill with your periods, and you don’t have the gluten problem, I am pretty sure that gluten is infested in Europe as well. There are other additives, coloring, phytoestrogens in the processed food that affect the liver and the gut and imbalance the hormones, if you read the packages of things you have a headache.

    • Thanks, Laura. I am also thankful that I can still eat most of what I want to without getting terribly ill, but it’s important to keep in mind that each person reacts differently. Some may have mild syptoms of IBS or chronic heartburn – issues most people just assume is normal. But glyphosate, in particular, bio-accumulates in tissues and some of the worst reactions come after years of consumption – seemingly out of nowhere.

  11. My homeopathic doctor advised me to clean the fruits, and veggies with apple vinegar before consuming, especially those fruits you eat with peel.
    She said that apple vinegar removes the pesticides, herbicides, like gmo type glyphosate. I have read that this herbicide is used worldwide.

  12. Definitely a good idea, Laura. I now use baking soda to clean all my store-bought veggies. According to extensive tests done by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) using various cleaning methods, rinsing or soaking fruits and veg for approximately one minute in water with about a tablespoon of plain baking soda dissolved in it worked the best for removing all types of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. I think they even taste better after this treatment, too!

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