Native American Trail Marker Tree

2018-7 Trail Tree - Doughty (8)I wanted to share a pastel portrait I recently did of a very special tree for a very special client… Read more about this amazing tree on my art blog, Forever Pet Portraits.

11 responses to “Native American Trail Marker Tree

    • Thank you so much, Randy! I appreciate the interesting article on trail trees, as well. I’m happy to see more people tuning in to these historic landmarks. I’ve never seen the “M” shaped trees before. Very interesting!

  1. More research with Dr. Seneff, baby without a brain due to glyphosate. Leaky gut creates a leaky placenta/brain barrier open

    • Thanks, Laura! I look forward to listening to this interview with Dr. Seneff. Once you understand how glyphosate affects the body, suddenly the rise in a myriad of once uncommon diseases, allergies, autism, and now birth defects makes sense! And now that Monsanto has been sold the original purveyors of this incredible evil are off the hook with their trillions and trillions safe in some off-shore account!

  2. Stephanie Seneff on Glyphosate-Birth Defects-Zika Lie-Global Warming
    that is the title; i hope you can open it as it shows to me here is unavailable.

  3. Yes, that’s odd! I copied and saved the URL to my bookmarks and the title was there but not the URL and now it’s gone from the comments section, too! If someone was trying to silence us, they have been foiled because I found the URL in my history files! Here:

  4. I want to mention to you Jill and your readers a fact about glyphosate ; this might help other people as well. I mentioned my problems of hormonal imbalance here on your site, and today I’ve received the results of the biopsy and found out the problem: dishormonal endometrium / hormones are disrupted. Dr. Seneff already mentioned about this issue that glyphosate is a disruptor of hormones in the video you share before. Glyphosate damages first the gut, then the liver, and since the liver is not able to function and detoxify the body properly, it creates a hormonal imbalance. I started researching more of Dr. Seneff’s work and that’s the truth: glyphosate is a powerful toxic chemical, a hormonal disruptor. People need to be aware of what they eat, drink and smoke as glyphosate is present everywhere even in the soil.

    • Absolutely! And the “allergies” that people are getting later and later in life are not allergies at all – they are inflammatory autoimmune responses to the toxins that have bio-accumulated in the body – particularly glyphosate. People don’t realize how many foods are sprayed with glyphosate just prior to harvest! It may say natural on the package, but if it doesn’t say organic, it’s probably been doused with chemicals!

  5. People need to stay away from the pastry products, canned food, plastic bottled juices, candies, sugar, carbs, processed food; they need to detoxify with sauerkraut, cucumber, cabbage in salted water (homemade pickles), buy organic ingredients and make their own food or cakes home, eat organic raw vegetables, garlic onions, tomatoes, cooked veggies and drink fresh organic juices.
    Raw milk is wonderful, it restore microbes in intestinal flora. I have never imagined how much damage glyphosate can do over time, besides destroying your gut, digestion, liver, it attacks your hormonal balance that requires huge effort to regulate them in a natural way (essential oils, natural hormonal pills, remedies, herbs).
    As for the drinks, only drink organic wine, non-pasteurized beer. It is harder and harder to find pure organic stuff, but your health is the most important.

    • Those are all great suggestions, Laura. Changing the way we eat is definitely not easy, but will heal people and make everyone healthier. And I know how hard it is because I still struggle with incorporating those principles myself, especially because we live in a rural area with few convenient options for shopping. We keep plugging away though… 🙂

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