Holiday Pies Made Easy

Jill Henderson
 ~ Show Me Oz

Another holiday season is upon us and no doubt there will be moments of both stress and joy, especially in the kitchen. But don’t let a simple thing like making a couple of homemade pies intimidate you so much that you feel obliged to turn to the premade, nutritionless dessert options in the frozen food section!

Some of the best holiday desserts and pies start with a crust, which is often a serious stress point during an already hectic season. Check out one of my most popular articles, Don’t Sweat It! Easy & Delicious Pie Crust and you’ll never have to fear the crust again!

2013 11-27 Egg Custard Pie (2)

In my article, The Pies Have It! , you will find several recipes including Fresh Winter Squash Pie and my all-time favorite recipes for rich, creamy (and super easy) Classic Egg Custard (pictured left) and Coconut Custard Cream Pies that are sure to bring tons of accolades from friends and family and dash any lingering symptoms of homemade pie insecurity.

2013 3-22 Blackberry PieThis may come as a real shocker to some people, but the truth is that not everyone likes pumpkin pie! So, if you are tasked with making a not-so-traditional dessert for the holidays or just want to add some diversity to the dessert table, consider pairing my Easy Dessert Crust with any flavor of Super Quick and Easy Fruit Jam and Filling (used to make the blackberry pie pictured here) to create a spectacular dessert that will put a smile on everyone’s face!

And if by chance you still have some fresh green tomatoes from your garden still ripening in your pantry, you might want to try my Green Love-Apple Pie, which is not only fantabulous, but will also blow a few of your guests mind!

Of course, if you’re into gardening and are using some of your own home-grown pumpkins or squash be sure to save the seeds for next year. Learn how to do that the right way in my article, Winter Seed Saving: Pumpkins and Squash.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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10 responses to “Holiday Pies Made Easy

  1. Awesome pies Jill, especially the delicious pie crust that can be filled with delicious creams. I love your article, I bet you’re a great baker.
    I know it’s Thanksgiving in the US, so I wish both of you Jill and Dean Happy Thanksgiving 2018! God bless you both.

  2. Thank you, Laura. I do love to bake and of course, winter is the best time in these parts because it’s finally cool! Happy holidays to you, as well, and God bless. Thank you for all your support!

  3. I thought of sharing this short video with you Jill , that shows hundreds of birds fall from sky due to a 5G testing in Netherlands, this is terrifying, if the birds die imagine what effect the 5G will have on humans. I love the birds and it makes you cry when you see them die like this.
    I am just wondering if this will be compulsory. Here in Romania there are several internet providers that you can subscribe and they offer different speed fiber-link 300/150 Mbps fiber-link 500/250 Mbps and 1000/450 Mbps and you can choose from. I am not an expert on technical issues, how it works, all i can say that these packages offer a very good downloading/uploading speed and i am comfortable with that.
    There is no need of 5G and I wonder if the internet companies will make it compulsory of not, but there were talks on the TV already to bring into the country the 5G next year. What about the US?

  4. Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me. I think we’ll see much more of this as the world moves into the 5G frequencies. The story said that they were blasting out those EMF’s at 7.4 GHz. The new 5G frequencies will be between 6.4 to 9.0 GHz – a deadly range that will disrupt all living things. In the article from which the video was quoting, they also said the ducks on the pond in the park were also acting oddly, dunking their heads underwater repeatedly and flying erratically around the area and landing in the streets. As for when 5g will be implemented here in the US – right now! California, Colorado and others have already begun using it and you can see the new low-to-the-ground towers everywhere.

  5. Thank you for your reply Jill, I would like to ask you is it possible for Americans to reject the 5G. What I mean by that is in case you want internet, to ask for 4G only ; or if not to refuse the internet phone services altogether?
    I am just wondering will people have an option or not?

    • There will be no escaping 5G if you want access to the internet. Right now, people get their internet feeds from many sources including satellite dish, wi-fi hot spots and cell phones, and cable or phone services (fiber optics), etc. But I think as 5G is enabled, companies will stop offering any other option in order to compete.

  6. simple magnetic devices to disrupt the bombardment of frequencies and nano that surround you.

    I am not a technical person I can’t explain why these things help, but I wonder if this helps.

  7. Hi Jill, have you watched this RT news of today about Monsanto? it is terrible, how cruel and disgusting this company is; besides the fact that they don’t want to pay the money to Dewayne Johnson , they also have the audacity to appeal and deny the glyphosate ‘s damage effect on the body.
    They mention about the glyphosate present in the tampons , I wonder how can we people detect those infected tampons to stay away from them.

    An article from 2015 about the tampons. I haven’t seen anything ever since.

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