Aluminum Toxicity and Your Health


My recent interview with Ciaran Boyle from the World Events Network – Vaccines, 5G – dives into the steep rise in cases of autism, Alzheimer’s, and digestive disorders and the role heavy metals play in this toxic dance.

CENSORSHIP NOTICE: Ciaran’s YouTube Channel was deleted in June (2019) along with all of his interviews due to the ongoing censorship of freelance journalists  who dare discuss issues that don’t agree with the mainstream machine. It’s up to YOU to demand that the censoring of alternative opinions stop! If you would like to watch this interview, I will email you a copy directly (if I can). Just leave a comment below and I will contact you directly. 


In addition to the interview, I wanted to add a brief list of books, websites, and specialists that speak to the topics I touched on in the video. There is a lot more information out there for those who want to know the truth – all you have to do is keep an open mind and search…

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe
Silent Epidemic:The Untold Story of Vaccines (Gary Null)
The Virus and the Vaccine
Dr. Mary’s Monkey
Vaccines On Trial (Guardasil)
Dr. Toni Bark

Hacking the Planet
Why in the World are They Spraying?
Dane Wiggington

Listen to:
Dr. Stephanie Seneff – MIT Research Scientist
YouTube: Seneff on Glyphsate Pretending to by Glycine at the Autism One Conference

and many others…

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18 responses to “Aluminum Toxicity and Your Health

  1. Awesome interview Jill. I totally agree with you, there are a lot of people sick everywhere, tired and many have no idea what is wrong with them. Your body feels sick due to a high intoxication of heavy metals. You are right detoxing heavy metals is very important. Allow me to share with you and your readers some products I use for removing heavy metals of my body.
    I used the activated charcoal combined with zeolite; another good product to detoxify is chlorella and spirulina and blue clay.
    I started with this site below
    Here are the health benefits of the zeolite
    We have this product here in Romania, I hope you can find it the US, Canada as well.

    • Thanks for sharing those links, Laura! I hope folks follow the advice to start detoxing now. It can help people from getting sick and go a long way to heal those who already are. Just make sure to go slow so the detox process can leave the body fully and not force the body to dump those metals into other tissues.

  2. I will attach some articles here for you to see the connection of diseases.
    I have better digestion and bowel movements, but I don’t know if I still have heavy metals in my body. Can you be more specific about the detoxification process please? Thanks for the advice Jill.

    • Thanks for the links, Laura. You always have great info to share.

      There are so many ways to detox the body, perhaps too many to put into this limited space.

      In short, I suggest avoidance first so as not to continue loading the body, followed by improving the diet and digestion so that your are pooping three to four times a day (yes, this is possible). I also recommend drinking structured water to help the body function properly.

      Also, most people don’t consider this, but removing metal fillings, etc, from the mouth through biological dentistry can reduce chronic metal poisoning. This can be followed by chelation therapy.

      People can be tested for heavy metals through various types of blood and hair analysis but when it comes to nano particles of aluminum (and other metals), the only accurate way is to have your blood tested using an apheresis blood cleaning system.

      I will see about putting together a more detailed detox in a coming post…

  3. Thank you Jill for your reply. I can’t wait for your article. I want to do the heavy metal detox but I have to be careful not to go too fast and take it by steps. I have done some detox for the body but with the heavy metals is different.
    My mom is doing a cell detoxification recipe right now and she is feeling bad, achy, everyone is different in symptoms, it depends how many toxins you have in your body.
    I will share here recipe with you tomorrow the plants that are in that pill, it is called cell detoxification.

    • Thanks, Laura. I hope to post the detox article soon. You’re mom should not be feeling so bad while detoxing. She’s either going too fast or doing a “cell detox” without having cleansed the liver, kidneys, etc, first, or is having a reaction to the herbs in the formula. It’s important to move slowly through any detox program. If you release all those toxins too fast, not only will you feel bad, but you’re probably just moving them around the body instead of out of the body. If the kidneys and liver are loaded, the last thing you need to is to dump more into them that they can’t handle.

  4. I bought a bottle of 30 pils/capsules that contain the following plants:
    Aloe Ferox powder – 300 mg
    Artichoke extract (Cynara scolymus) extract 10:1 standardized with 2,5% derivates of caffeic acid – 32 mg
    Sour cherry tails (Prunus cerasus Prunus avium) extract 10:1 – 32 mg
    Corn extract (Zea mays) extract 4:1 – 36 mg
    Aloe ferox (cape aloe) commonly known as bitter aloe ( 75%) known for its powerful colon cleansing properties. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral effects. Aloe Ferox juice helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides while having antidiabetic properties. 300 mg
    Artichoke extract (Cynara scolymus) is a powerful antioxidant with diuretic properties. It has a powerful detoxifying action, speeding up transit and helping eliminate toxins in the colon. Rich in fiber, artichokes prevent absorption of fats and sugars and preventing bloating and abdominal cramps. It also supports the liver metabolism and reduces negative cholesterol.
    Sour Cherry Tails (Prunus Cerasus) it is extract 10:1 dried of the leaf tails. It has a powerful anti-cellulite effect by acting three ways: it stimulates the kidneys to eliminate excess water in the body, helping to reduce body fat, reduces inflammation due to active principles (flavonoids and anthocyanins) that have strong anti-inflammatory effects; it interferes with the metabolism of fats, blocking the formation of excessive adipose tissue.
    Corn extract (zea mays), through the diuretic effect, helps eliminate excess water, reducing fat. Thus, it is a reliable support in diets and to removal of cellulite. It also helps in lowering and stabilizing blood sugar, as well as in regulating the endocrine system naturally.
    The product is called Active cell detoxification from the natural food store and you can take 3-6 capsules a day. My mom took first day 6 but then she reduced it to 2/day and she feels better. That is the first time for her, she flushed alot of poop first two days and ached alot.
    This product is for everything as you see Jill, do you have these herbs in the States? I have not used yet this product, I used a similar one that has kelp, chitosa, spirulina and chlorella and chicory root. I did not ache but just pooped alot.
    Let me know your opinion. Thanks Jill for your advice

    • I have no experience with this combination of ingredients. When it comes to cleansing the colon, I prefer to utilize whole raw fruits and veggies in smoothies (not just the juice) and focus on live probiotics found on organically grown raw fruit and veggies that have not been overproccessed (the good bacteria live on the skin and are often washed off before eating!) and in high-quality yogurt or keiffer. A large glass of this will not only give you excellent nutrition, but move the bowels multiple times a day, which I think is the key to a healthy colon.

  5. I also would like to tell you that once i did that detox, my bleeding stopped, my digestion came back to normal, but I still have to work on the pooping issue, it’s only one time a day. The bleeding was very much related to the digestion, every cramp and pain on the right side. After reading the articles I sent you Jill, I realize how connected everything is. Still working on the detox, there are so many natural herbs you just need the right combination to get a good result. Once your gut and liver get to function at their full capacity your hormone balance comes back.
    I am detoxing now the liver with the combination of:
    Extract Milk thistle that contains sylimarin 80% and silibinin 50%
    Extract of Dandelion
    Extract of Greater burdock
    Extract of Artichokes
    Extract of Schisandra
    Extract of Ginger

    • That is a good combination of herbs for the liver, Laura. Many companies put too many ingredients in their products without any proven effects. I think they do that to make an ‘impression’ on people that they are getting something super special (and they pay for it, too!) when really, just a few effective herbs will do the job exceptionally well.

  6. Dear Jill, I would like to share with you and whoever reads your articles another natural product good for the whole body, especially for gut lining: raw pollen. We have it here in Romania, I am sure American farmers make it too. You can eat it with water, yogurt, tea, it has a good taste. Here is a link to read about
    I am using it and it has wonderful benefits, regulates the stool , gut, liver, the whole body.
    I have also found this product called “shilajit” have you heard about it?

  7. Very important: Keep the raw pollen in the freezer always, you can consume it right away you take it out.

  8. I was thinking of using veggies and fruits in combination for detoxing the colon, what combination do you suggest Jill? what is the best detoxifying the colon, I mean the veggies and fruit?

    • Just about any organic fruit or vegetable is fine – in fact, I think using a wide array of veggies, fruits and herbs is important. I would definitley suggest using as many of the brassica species as you can – broccoli, kale, etc. The sulfur in these veggies helps the body remove glyphosate. I also think that any time you can find home-grown or wild fruit and veggies that haven’t been ‘sanitized’ is even better. Many of the bacteria, yeast, and fungi that are naturally present on organically grown crops in the field are actually good for the gut flora. Oddly enough, some of our health problems come from over-sanitizing our food and our environment, which eliminates beneficial microorganisms our bodies need to function properly. Simply rinse your fruits and veggies if they are organic and call it good. 🙂

  9. I thought of sharing with you Barbara O’Neill a fantastic woman about damaging the DNA , The True cause of Disease 2 parts lecture

    Another video Natural Remedies

    Barbara has more videos about liver, colon, alkaline vs acid and so on so i recommend them to you Jill

    • Thanks for sharing those, Laura. I have been following Barbara O’Neil for some time now. I have watched all her video lectures and highly recomed any or all of them for anyone interested in natural health!

  10. Laura Marian

    Zeolite – Very helpful detox for radiation, glyphosate, heavy metals and others

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