Take Back Your Health – Detoxing from Glyphosate

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With a score of recent legal victories against the makers of Round Up (glyphosate) herbicide for its role in causing cancer, there can be no more doubt about what activists and independent researchers have been saying for the last two decades: glyphosate is deadly!  Not only is it the most-widely used herbicide in the world but one that is pervasive in our food, water, and air. Over 98% of people tested in the US had significant levels of glyphosate in their blood and urine – including pregnant women and their unborn babies. Despite both Monsanto and Bayer’s claims, glyphosate does not break down readily or quickly in the environment leaving untold millions exposed to this cancer causing herbicide. Today, we’re going to talk about how you can start to detox your environment and your body from this cancer-causing herbicide.In September 2018, I posted a three-part series on America’s toxic food dilemma. In Toxic Food for the Masses Part Two – The Gut & Fake Proteins I talk about how humans and animals alike are being poisoned by consuming glyphosate on food and feed. The problem here begins when the body mistakes glyphosate for glycine, which is a natural amino acid that our bodies use to make proteins. The problem is that the body doesn’t realize the difference between real glycine and fake glycine until it’s too late.

The result of this misidentification by the body is that the body fills our glycine receptors with glyphosate instead. This fake glycine can’t do real glycine’s job, which is to break down food into usable proteins.  A terrible inflammatory response follows as the body tries in vain to rid itself of the invading mimic. This inflammatory response may be what is happening to people misdiagnosed with celiac disease, weird food “allergies”, and all kinds of  digestive issues including IBD.

The Known Dangers

Of course, glyphosate has been proven to cause cancer in humans and animals exposed to glyphosate through direct exposure to the chemical during application. Farmer’s know all too well that glyphosate-coated corn and grain causes tumors, cancer, infertility, increased rates of spontaneous abortion, malnutrition, and even starvation in cattle and other livestock. If a 1,200 pound cow can be affected this way, imagine what it can do to a human, or worse yet – a child.

What most people don’t realize is that glyphosate is not just found in farm fields and on GMO crops but is lurking in your next door neighbor’s garage, and in your neighborhood park, on the local golf course, or in your kid’s playground. To top that off, glyphosate is also found on nearly 100 non-GMO food crops including vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and cereals like wheat and oats. It’s found in wine, beer, ice cream and pretty much everything else. It’s also found in a whole host of ingredients you wouldn’t imagine, such as corn starch, beet and cane sugar, and even honey!

If you want to see what kinds of foods are being sprayed with glyphosate either pre-harvest or at the point of harvest, check out the EPA’s 2015 memorandum Updated Screening Level Usage Analysis (SLUA) Report for Glyphosate from 2015 (which was four long years ago, already!) and scroll down a couple of pages. Prepared to be shocked!

So back to detox! I’ve been wanting to do this for months, but today I’d like to share with you some of the ways that you can begin to detoxify your body from glyphosate and protect those you love from further exposure. Please know that this is not my field of expertise necessarily but simply a compilation of information gleaned from doctors, scientists and researchers who have been battling glyphosate induced illness for many years. I’d particularly like to give a huge shout out to Dr. Stephanie Seneff, who opened my eyes to the reality of what I call “glyphosate syndrome”.  Many of the detox suggestions have been gleaned and compiled from notes taken while watching hours of her lectures. To hear more about glyphosate from Dr. Seneff, check out her very informative video Glyphosate Pretending to be Glycine

Detoxing Your Environment

1. I always say, Perfect Lawns Poison People! So, avoid lawns, golf courses, parks playgrounds and ball fields that have perfect grass with few if any weeds. Weeds in open spaces are indicators of an herbicide-free environment.
2. Talk to your neighbors about their use of glyphosate. Explain to them the known dangers and kindly ask them to stop using it or to keep it away from your property. You can also ask them to notify you if they will be spraying so you can take steps to avoid its contact with your family, your pets and your garden!
3. Keep in mind that major agricultural areas are prone to high levels of glyphosate in the air, soil and water –  including rivers and streams (don’t swim in them!). Spring and fall are the most common times that glyphosate is sprayed on crops and fields.
4. Have your water tested for glyphosate, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs, and fluoride. Purify all city, rural, and even well water that tests positive. Berkly has a filter said to remove glyphosate but you’ll have to double check that yourself.
5. Practice gratitude every day. It’s more healing than you might imagine.
6. Practice grounding, which can help bring your body back into the right resonant frequency. Walk barefoot on the earth or wade or swim in living, moving water, which is very powerful at regenerating the negative charge our bodies need to be healthy.
7. Bathe in infra-red light, which helps the body flush glyphosate out of the the body by increasing the exclusion zone of the crystalline structured water naturally found around the blood vessels by up to 4 times normal. This structured water moves and eliminates toxins from the blood. (If you’ve never heard of structured water in the body, I suggest you check it out today!)
8. Take pure sunshine baths! Exposing your skin and eyes to sunshine increases the amount of vitamin D your body makes. Skip the sunglasses and sunscreen (it causes cancer) and let your body absorb the healing rays of our planet’s star.
9. Surround yourself with healing harmonic resonant frequencies of 528 Hz. I find it easy to do this by listening to Len Horowitz’s 528 Radio online at https://www.528records.com/radio (good talk show there, too!)
10. Avoid commercial cotton products. Towels, sheets, clothing, diapers, and tampons all come from cotton covered in glyphosate at harvest time! Only organic cotton, please!
11. Get a hair mineralization test from a naturopath, herbalist, or at an herb or health food shop. These point out nutritional deficiencies or excesses in your body. Look out for high oxilate levels, which can inhibit the conversion of sulfites into sulfates and hamper overall sulfate production. (see the sulfate connection below)

Detoxing With Food

1. Drink and bathe in purified (and if possible) restructured water (with Epsom salts!).
2. Eat only organic food only from trusted sources.
3. Grow your own organic fruits, veggies, and herbs – it’s easier than you think!
4. Detox the liver and kidneys with humic acid and fulvic acid, which are naturally found in soil and sauerkraut juice. These help the body eliminate glyphosate through urine.
5. Focus on having two to three bowel movements every single day. It might sound impossible but it’s not as hard as you may think when you change your diet! Eliminating toxins through the bowels is key to detox.
6. Take a little activated charcoal every day to bind glyphosate and other toxins in the digestive tract and eliminate them via the bowel. (Which is why you need to poop three times a day!)
7. Introduce lactobacillus to the gut with probiotics like keiffer, sauerkraut, fermented pickles, fresh farm cheeses and other fermented foods. This is the only bacteria that breaks down glyphosate and will get your bowels moving properly.

The Sulfate Connection and Supplements

Glyphosate interferes with the body’s ability to turn natural sulfites from food into sulfates that the body needs to detoxify and stay healthy. High sulfate levels heal the gut while aiding in the absorption of many key nutrients like manganese. Sulfates help clear brain fog and improve memory through increased blood flow.

1. Eat sulfur-rich foods and herbs. Garlic, onions, basil, parsley, cilantro, cumin all have high levels of sulfate. Eggs with yolks, beef liver, chicken, and all seafood including muscles, fish, and fish eggs are excellent sources. Cruciferous vegetables from the Brassica family like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, bok choi, are all high in sulfates.
2. Make homemade organic bone broth to improve intake of essential minerals and collagen.
3. Increase magnesium levels with dark leafy greens and vegetables, green and black tea, seeds, beans and legumes, and bread made with heirloom or land-race wheat (not commercial wheat which has little nutrition). Sourdough bread, which is fermented, is the very best!
4. Epsom salts baths (aka magnesium sulfate) are perfect for those sensitive to sulfur as it helps increase sulfate levels while bypassing the gut. (More people are developing sensitivities to sulfurous foods because glyphosate doesn’t allow the body to convert food’s natural sulfites into sulfates – hence an inflammatory sensitivity occurs (this may also be the cause of Celiac disease).
5. Consume healthy cholesterol, which helps transport sulfates through the body and improves brain and hormone health.
6. Consider supplementing with dandelion, barberry and curcumin to support sulfate transport in the body. Vitamin B-12 to help synthesize sulfates. Antioxidants of all kinds (food, herbs, or supplements) to reduce oxidation damage. Glutithione and all its precursers, such as MSM and Alpha-lipoic acid to help restore depleted vitamins such as C & E to normal levels. Vitamin D2, taurine. And Vitamin C which carries and transfers sulfate. Be careful with vitamin C because it can cause oxalates in the blood, which is not healthy for people who suffer from gout.
7. Also folate in the form of tetrahydrofolic acid – NOT folic acid, which is really bad for you and can’t be converted into folate by the body! (May also be known as methylfolate (B9) or methionine. Methionine is an essential amino acid and the substrate for other amino acids such as cysteine and taurine and the antioxidant glutathione. Methionine has a critical role in the metabolism and health of humans.)

A Final Word on Glyphosate

Make no mistake about it, glyphosate is a pervasive toxic chemical that is now found in everything from baby formula to children’s cereal to your favorite foods – and it has been proven to be carcinogenic. With Bayer Monsanto and the EPA sticking with their old lies about its safety and its wide availability to the average person, we won’t see the end of the spraying anytime soon. The best you can do is to grow as much of your own food as possible, buy certified organic fruits, veggies, eggs and meat either from a trusted brand or locally from a chem-free farmer; detox and keep your body as healthy as you can until we can rid ourselves of this and other toxic chemicals used on our food supply.

To learn more about glyphosate in the food supply, I strongly urge you to read the following articles:

Foods Most Likely to Contain Glyphosate

Glyphosate in Food: Complete List of Products and Brands Filled with Dangerous Weed-Killer

Why Is Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops Right Before Harvest?

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6 responses to “Take Back Your Health – Detoxing from Glyphosate

  1. Awesome article Jill, and thank you for your advice for detoxing glyphosate.
    I am going to share a link with some Monsanto papers leaked. There are a couple of red links you can go to, a bunch of emails, and proof that Monsanto admits it’s carcinogenic. There are some updates of 2019.

  2. Jill I will share with you and your readers some articles connected to glyphosate; glyphosate hormone disruptor creating artificial hormones (xenoestrogens) that leads to overburdened liver and how to optimize liver function and hormone balance
    Reading the third article I realize that the liver is no 1 organ to take care; After months and months of research I found out that I have a sluggish liver that led to the rest of problems in the gut, gallbladder, adrenal glands, ending with estrogen dominance and hormonal imbalance. The liver is carrying out so many functions and I had most of the symptoms, but starting detoxing, and keeping the diet, I can say I am much better now.
    Glyphosate is the main pesticide that causes most of the health problems and it destroys everything each organ of the body one by one, and you end up with several symptoms in different parts of the body.
    Everything is connected, all the symptoms connect and I find that more and more articles you read you start connecting the dots.

  3. Jill I would like to ask you a question, maybe childish but important, how do you recognize if the plants are sprayed with glyphosate, or other chemicals? Do they have a special color or form, or smell? I would like to know to stay away from them. I have been looking for some evidence or information about this but nothing yet. The most important is to stay away from them and I don’t have a garden, I buy veggies and fruits from the market, but nowadays the farmers are using pesticides. I am asking you as you are a gardener for so many years. I am still fighting for hormonal balance and according to Dr. Seneff glyphosate is a hormone disruptor , so I keep detoxing but most important is to stay away from glyphosate sprayed veggies and fruits.

    • That’s a good question, Laura. I wish I had a good answer for you but unfortunately, there is no way to tell if plant foods have been sprayed with glyphosate or not. The real problem with glyphosate, besides being a glycine-derived chemical that disrupts the body’s systemic functions like the immune system, it that it is not only used on GMO crops but many, many more non-GMO crops as well. This is done to kill and dry up leaves and stems to make it easier for machine harvesting. Glyphosate is also a systemic herbicide, which means it goes throughout the tissues of the plants that are sprayed with it, which means you can’t ever wash it off because it is inside the fruit, seeds, and leaves. The good news is that the average market gardener probably wouldn’t use glyphosate for desiccating non-GMO food crops. They might use it for weed control around their property or if they are growing GMO corn or soy – which they probably don’t even grow in the first place.

      The best thing you can do is get to know the farmers that you buy from. Ask what they spray for insects, diseases, and weeds. Go visit their farms and see for yourself how they manage their gardens. And, of course, buying certified organic or biodynamically grown veggies are still the best way to avoid not only glyphosate but other very toxic chemicals.

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