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The Herbal Insectary (Part Three)

Wasps are beneficial insects that pollinate flowers and prey on destructive caterpillars. Copyright Jill Henderson All rights reserved. showmeoz.wordpress.comby Jill Henderson Show Me Oz

In Part Two of The Herbal Insectary, we talked about ways to handle destructive beneficials like dill and parsley worms in your garden by creating a haven in a perennial insectary created just for them. Plus, we covered a few additional ways to make the insectary an even more appealing place to call home by adding places for them to hide, hibernate, multiply and overwinter. Today, I’ll show you how to deal with destructive beneficials in your garden and how to identify insect allies so you can plan to provide the best insectary possible. Continue reading

The Herbal Insectary (Part Two)

Pink Ladybug Image Copyright Jill Henderson

by Jill Henderson Show Me Oz

In Part One of The Herbal Insectary, I explained what an insectary is and what types of food beneficial insects need and which plants attract and feed them. We also discussed ways to turn beneficial larvae, like black swallow parsley worms, from garden pest into garden ally by providing them a permanent home outside of your main garden. In this installment, I will explain how a dedicated perennial insectary is the best thing you can do for your insect allies and share a few important tips and tricks to make your insectary an even more appealing place for beneficials to call home. Continue reading