Show Me Oz welcomes original work and reprints of work from individuals, blogs, or websites with written permissions from the artists or authors that hold the copyright to the material. We also welcome photos, artwork, poetry and other creative works that relate to self-sufficiency, homesteading, organic gardening, herbalism, wildcrafting, home grown food, preserving, nature and more. We especially want to hear about your tried and true tips and tricks to being more self-sufficient. You don’t have to be a Nobel Laureate to have your article accepted at Show Me Oz, but we sure do appreciate clean, concise narratives.

Before contacting us, please read the following:

  • We will not consider any submission that contains third-party advertisements, pay-per-click links, or links that do not directly lead to the author or their works (in other words: no links for monetary gain).  However, we DO allow links to contributor’s personal websites, blogs or product pages.
  • In return for allowing us to post your article, we will link to your personal blog or webpage, allow space for a personal bio and permanently post you as a contributing author.
  • Articles must be well-written and proofread for spelling and grammatical errors prior to being submitted.  Please proof-read your work before submission. Show Me Oz retains the right to edit articles for errors and brevity.
  • All images included in the article must be sourced as copyright-free or owned by the contributor.
  • All articles submitted or published on Show Me Oz will be considered as ‘contributions’ without expectation of monetary compensation to the author or contributor.
  • Submitting an article does not mean it will automatically be accepted or published.

Use the following list of categories when submitting articles to help us find a home for your work. If a particular subject is not listed but falls into one of the main topics of this website (see About Us), please feel free to submit a simple query using this contact form.

The following list is the topic structure that will be used to evaluate all submissions to Show Me Oz.  This is not an all-encompassing list, but rather a synopsis of ideas from which contributors can gauge our focus.

  • A Piece of Home – (community)  The history, culture and icons of the places we call home – specifically oriented to the Ozarks region.
  • Conservation Corner – (environment)  Topics related to conservation, preservation and threats or solutions to environmental problems.
  • Garden Gate – (organic gardening) – Organic/natural gardening with a focus on “how-to” pieces.
  • Healthwise – (natural healing and health) – Natural healing modalities of mind, body and spirit, which can include just about any alternative remedies, herbs, healing foods, and so on.
  • Interviews – (local interest) – Interesting people doing interesting things.
  • Nature Notes – (nature) – Stories or observations of the natural world with a preference for educational or inspirational pieces.
  • Sustainable Solutions – (sustainability) – Includes a wide array of topics on the research, application, or development of sustainable methods, theories and news.
  • The Homeplace – (homesteading) – Creating and living a self-sufficient lifestyle.  Topics are far-ranging and could include husbandry, butchering, canning, building a barn, keeping chickens in the city, etc.
  • Wild Walk(nature) – Wild edible and medicinal plants, animals and ecosystems.

Submit your ideas using the links above or the form below. Please be brief and we will contact you for more detailed information.