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Forever Pet Portraits

Pixiefly was born from a sketch I made one dreary winter afternoon while dreaming of summer flowers and all the lovelies they attract to the garden.

2017-12 Pixiefly (1) ink

Pixiefly is dainty but she takes up most of a 9” x 12” sheet of art paper and was drawn in permanent ink, so it really pops off the bright white background. This gorgeous original work of art can be yours for $250 plus S&H. Does not include matting or frame.

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The Cure for Leggy Seedling Syndrome

Seedlings leggyJill Henderson ~ Show Me Oz

It is the dead of winter here in Oz, but my thoughts are already in the garden and on starting seedlings indoors.  Truth is, I used to dread the days of starting seedlings indoors because no matter how hard I tried, eventually they would get long and lanky and fall over. What a waste of time and energy! But with one simple modification and a couple of cheap household items, I found a simple cure for the dreaded “leggy seedling syndrome”.

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