Interview: The Danger of 5G

My most recent interview with Ciaran Boyle from World Events Network talking about the health effects and politics of 5G. Feel free to share.

5 responses to “Interview: The Danger of 5G

  1. Great to talk with such a well read lady. I learned a lot and would love to connect again in the future.

    • You, too, Ciaran. Thank you for what you do. Keep up the good work! We have to continue to spread the word and challenge the reckless roll out of this dangerous technology before more people are injured.

  2. This is a great interview Jill, always happy to see you live. Great information, the corporations of the Crown/Black nobility are so interconnected that you need a huge map to draw them, the web of webs. Who knows what will happen in the future , but I really wish God put a stop to this soon, a big solar flare, something to punish this greed.

    • Thank you, Laura. 18 Trillion is a lot of money and greed is a dangerous disease. We must convince our servants in government to do the right thing for society and heed the thousands of studies by independent scientists and doctors around the world before this weaponized millimeter wave technology covers the planet.

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