The Impossible GMO Bacteria Burger and Climate Change…

bacteria-808158_640When I first saw Burger King’s advertisement for the Impossible Burger, my stomach did a triple somersault. This is because I have been following the development and deployment of this Franken-food with disgust for the last couple of years and the last place I expected it to ooze to the surface was at one of the world’s leading processed fast food chains. Burger King has gone above and beyond to make this genetically modified bacteria burger sound like a super-yummy healthy alternative to meat, but when you learn the truth, your stomach will lurch, too.

The funny thing about this is that I was just thinking about writing an article on this particular bit of nastiness from the GMO Franken-food industry when Acres USA published the following article by Andre Leu on their online magazine, Eco Farming Daily (which I also write for).  In the article, PLANT SENTIENCE AND THE IMPOSSIBLE BURGER, Leu says, “The Impossible Burger is the ultimate product of industrial agriculture. This highly processed concoction uses pesticide-contaminated GMO soy, GMO corn and wheat produced from industrial monocultures. They are processed in a factory with chemical additives to give artificial flavor, texture and shelf life. One of the additives is a blood-like substance that is produced by genetically modified bacteria in large vats that are fed with carbohydrates produced from pesticide-dependent industrial agriculture. The additives used in this burger have no adequate testing to show that they are safe for human consumption, especially for children.”

Now you know why my stomach did an initial somersault, but the Impossible burger has many other negative implications for the world. The first of which Leu addresses in his opening salvo on the sentience of plants, a fact that I have known and taught for the better part of my adult life. Plants are just as alive and present as any other living thing on earth. The second is the way that corporate agriculture destroys the climate by releasing tons of carbon from the soil in their massive monocropping schemes, making this plant-based vegan-inspired Impossible [bacteria] Burger a huge part of the climate crisis.

That being said, if you are as disgusted by the genetic manipulation of our food supply and glyphosate-drenched food crops, then you will want to read the entire article at Eco Farming Daily right now! And thank you, Andre Leu and ACRES USA for supporting real solutions to excess carbon in the atmosphere and the regenerative, life-sustaining practice of ecological agriculture!

Opinion: Plant sentience and the Impossible Burger (André Leu)

6 responses to “The Impossible GMO Bacteria Burger and Climate Change…

  1. That is terrible to put blood-like substance from genetically modified bacteria in human food. The only way to stop this is for people to reject products from MacDonald’s, or Burger King or other food chains. People need to discern and question the quality of food, usually cheap stuff is full of chemicals. The same with advertising, the more you advertise a product, the worst quality it has. The main thing is discerning.
    Great article Jill and thanks for sharing the ACRES article as well.

    • Thanks, Laura. I agree 100%. But what I just can’t understand is why, if vegans and vegetarians hate meat so much, why would they even want something they eat to taste like meat? I’m not trying to be mean to vegan/vegetarians, but maybe someone can explain that to me.

  2. “One of the additives is a blood-like substance that is produced by genetically modified bacteria in large vats that are fed with carbohydrates produced from pesticide-dependent industrial agriculture. ”
    This oughta be in the title or as a sub-title. Gah!

    • Thanks, Shell. It’s hard to fit all those little details in a title, but I did call it a GMO Bacteria Burger, which should get the point across quite nicely.

      • It was the word “Bacteria” that got my attention. I had heard about GMOs in it. My son who has never had meat in his life told me he had one of these recently! So I sent him your article. 🙂 He grew up eating veggie burgers which does not taste like meat but I guess it’s called a burger for it’s shape? IDK I guess some people go meatless for various reasons and still do want the meat taste. Love your blog!

  3. Thank you, Shell. I think the name veggie burger is appropriate for those kinds of products, but for the life of me, I can’t understand why they would even want to eat something that tastes like a food that repulses them. The problem with Burger King’s Bacteria Burger is that it is not a healthy alternative to meat! It’s junk food made out of Round Up (cancer causing) Ready soybeans and genetically modified bacteria, plus a whole host of artificial flavorings, preservatives, and fillers, all of which totally go against anything anyone might call healthy – either for the body or for the earth.

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