Richie Allen Show Interview on 5G

My latest interview on the Richie Allen Show discussing 5G and how to avoid its dangers. Listen to it in the second half of the broadcast (55:00) on YouTube below or Podomatic at

5 responses to “Richie Allen Show Interview on 5G

  1. The best thing for everyone is to get rid of the cell phone, is useless. You don’ t need cell phone. That’s what humanity should do get rid of the cell phones, but idiots buy more and more smart phones everywhere in the world and they are addicted to it. Jill you are absolutely right it’s a laser beam and that kills you. In my opinion humanity is 90% idiots, they believe everything on the commercial, never discerning anything.
    Great interview Jill, always happy to listen to you.

    • Thanks, Laura. I appreciate your support. It’s always great to be on Richie’s show. I truly believe the tide is turning on 5G awareness. More communities are finding ways to stop it.

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  3. Nice interview! How long ago did you get the wifi and wireless phone out? We just had a building biologist come to our home 3 weeks ago and we found our electricity was dangerously high so we have been shutting it off at night to all bedrooms. That week I had no more soreness after my work outs! My body was able to fully recover at night from them. The cell tower emfs are still a problem though. I am thinking of getting silver thread shirts to protect our gut biome and heart at least, and those, we can wear 24 hours a day as opposed to the expensive silver thread nets for your bed. Have you guys done any clothing or other protection you can recommend? Thanks!

    • Hi, Shell. We’ve been re-wired for more than a year now. I’m so glad we did it, too. It does make a difference in your health and mood. We live out in the boondocks, so we don’t have to worry about stray EMFs from cell towers, smart meters, or other people’s wi-fi and we don’t own a cell phone, either, so we haven’t needed to use any protective gear ourselves. I do recommend, though, that you do thorough research on any products you buy. EMF protective products are like CBD oil – lots of manufacturers, but not all produce quality products.

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