Brewing Up Opportunities


Jill Henderson ~ Show Me Oz
as seen in Acres USA July 2017 issue

It’s early Monday morning and head brewer Amy Fischer is standing on a step ladder in the back room of Wages Brewing Company carefully stirring a steaming vat of barley and wheat mash that will soon be fermented into a tasty batch of Whatknot Ale. After years of practicing and perfecting the craft of small-batch brewing at home, owner and brewer Phil Wages and his wife, Amber, officially opened their brewery and taproom in the small rural community of West Plains, Missouri, in early 2017. With an official population of just below 12,000 people, the last business most residents expected to pop up in town was a brewery, but for Phil Wages, it was the perfect opportunity. PDF

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2 responses to “Brewing Up Opportunities

  1. Hey Jill – great article! I love people who get creative and can make a business work! One correction on my part – my currant grower mentor harvested 300 # of berries last year, not 3000. I’m terrible with numbers! Anyone want to come an pick black currants???

    • Thanks, Kari. I appreciate the correction and all your valuable input for the article. I look forward to updates on your crop yields and who winds up with all those delicious currants. Wish we were closer – I’d definitely come help you pick!

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